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Secondary Education Degrees in Delaware

Education standards are constantly evolving in America, particularly as other parts of the world outpace us in different subjects. Teachers are at the core of the education industry—they use their skills to influence policy and adapt their teaching strategies to adjust to changes in the field. With the right background and experience, you could thrive as a middle school or high school teacher in Delaware. Reach out to the Delaware teaching programs listed on our site to learn more.

Now could be the perfect time to begin your career as an education professional. The Cape Gazette reports that Delaware’s teaching shortage is increasing, leading the state to fund training programs for prospective teachers.

High school education is a field that’s come under quite a bit of scrutiny in recent years. The News Journal notes that the state is attempting to do away with certain standardized tests, allowing teachers to teach more for student understanding.

Many secondary teachers have contributed extensively to Delaware’s educational success. In 2014, Delaware’s dropout rate hit an all-time low.

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Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Delaware

You can plan on taking a wide variety of education and subject area courses as an education student in Delaware. Some of the teaching courses you may take include Problem Solving Strategies in Teaching, Approaches to Teaching in a Subject Area, Teaching Exceptional Adolescents, Diversity in Secondary Education, and Adolescent Development and Education.

On top of your teaching courses, you must take courses in a subject area like biology, history, or music. These courses give you the advanced knowledge you need to teach at the high school level.

Choose the right degree path for your career goals and your current education. A Bachelor’s degree takes about four years, while a Master’s degree only requires two years of study beyond the Bachelor’s degree level. Those who already have a Bachelor’s degree may be able to earn alternative certification in less than one year.

No matter which degree path you choose to follow, student teaching is one of the most important parts of your education. You work the hours of a secondary teacher, allowing you to become acclimated to the field of education and its standards.

Working in Secondary Education in Delaware

Getting your teaching license is the final step to becoming a working teacher in Delaware. The Delaware Department of Education can administer your license after you pass the PRAXIS-II.

Overall, high school and middle school teachers may enjoy a fairly solid job outlook in Delaware. From 2012 until 2022, O*Net predicts a 3 percent increase in secondary teaching jobs.

Salaries in Delaware are slightly higher than the national average. According to O*Net, the average salary for a secondary teacher is $58,200 per year.

Make a difference in your future career by becoming a teacher. Use our school listings below to find programs in Delaware that interest you, then contact them directly from our site for program details.

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