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Secondary Education Degrees in Connecticut

Education is a truly crucial part of children’s lives. As kids get older, the majority of their time is spent in school! This shows how important it is for students to have great teachers. Secondary education may be the field for you if you’re invested in Connecticut’s future and ready to spend your days working with teenagers. Submit your request for information to the schools listed below to learn more about your options.

The field of teaching is always changing and adapting to new research and standards. As a high school teacher, you can lend your expertise to issues in Connecticut. For example, teachers in Connecticut recently asked legislators to reduce standardized testing expectations.

If you are bilingual or you’re interested in learning Spanish, Connecticut may be the place for you to begin your teaching career. To many education professionals, bilingual education is a major priority in education.

The NH Register reports that Connecticut’s graduation rates are climbing steadily. Help encourage high school students to reach their goals by influencing them daily in your work.

Take the first step toward a career in secondary education by contacting secondary education training programs in Connecticut directly from our site for more information.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Connecticut

You must take a variety of courses and study many different education specialties to become a middle school or high school teacher in Connecticut. First and foremost, you have to choose a subject to study. This should be a subject you are willing to learn inside and out, as you’ll spend your career teaching it to adolescents. Options in Connecticut include history, biology, art, Spanish, and German.

To work in secondary education, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in high school education or an educational subject. You may also choose to earn a Master’s degree in secondary education or in curriculum and instruction.

High school teaching programs are multifaceted and diverse in their expectations of students. Courses you may take in your degree program include Philosophy of Education, Teaching Literature to Adolescents, Educational Psychology, Media Literacy Education, and Content Area Literacy in Secondary Education.

As you may have guessed, classroom experience is a major part of succeeding in this degree program. Upon completion of your required courses, you get assigned to a nearby high school class. You put your teaching skills to the test and learn how to become a successful educator.

Working in Secondary Education in Connecticut

After you finish earning your degree, you can begin the process of getting your teaching license. The Connecticut State Department of Education requires you to pass the PRAXIS-II and a standardized test in your chosen subject. You can then begin working as a middle school or high school teacher.

One benefit of working in Connecticut is the high earning potential. O*Net reports that high school teachers earn an average salary of $69,800 per year, which is over $14,000 higher than the national average.

Job growth in Connecticut is on par with the national average. Through 2022, O*Net expects job openings to increase by 6 percent.

Middle and high school education is incredibly important in Connecticut. Get started in this field today by contacting secondary education programs in Connecticut from our site.