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Secondary Education Degrees in Colorado

Few fields of study give you the chance to change lives like education. As a teacher, you can shape lives every day in the classroom. If you have prior training in a field of study, such as art, history, or biology, you may be interested in going into the field of secondary education. With a secondary education degree, you can work as a middle school or high school teacher in Colorado. Check out the schools on our site to learn more about your options.

The Colorado Department of Education reports that high school graduation rates are increasing in Colorado, and secondary teachers are a significant part of that. As of 2014, the on-time graduation rate was 77.3 percent.

Becoming a high school or middle school teacher can also allow you to contribute to important issues in education. KKTVC reports that testing procedures are changing in Colorado. With extensive training and education, you can contribute to student assessment procedures and ensure that students are learning what they need to know to succeed.
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Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Colorado

The curriculum for your secondary education teaching degree is divided into two main parts. You must take courses in education, which teach you how to work with adolescents and use the appropriate teaching methods for each age group. In the other part of your training, you study one subject extensively. Math and science are in high demand in Colorado, but you may also major in history, art, and other fields. In total, you may complete about 120 credits of higher education.

Courses that may be part of your curriculum include Critical Issues in American Education, Research in Schools, Critique of Education Research, Developmental Pathways in Student Learning, Curriculum and Methods for Secondary Teaching, and Theories of Learning.

Practical experience is a major part of your education. You may complete classroom-based courses in each semester of your degree program. However, the most crucial part of your practical experience is student teaching. Student teaching takes place over the course of one semester, during which you develop a professional relationship with a working teacher and learn from their experience in the classroom. You may also learn more about where you want to work and how you can personally connect with students.

Working in Secondary Education in Colorado

The Colorado State Board of Education is responsible for the licensure of secondary teachers. You must pass the PRAXIS-II and a test in your area of study. You can then become licensed to teach in Colorado.

Colorado has a promising job outlook for secondary teachers. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net predicts a 13 percent increase in secondary teaching jobs. This job growth rate is over two times higher than the national average (O*Net, 2012).

With your education, you may be able to earn a competitive salary. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Colorado high school teacher is $49,500 per year.
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