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Physical Education Degrees in Washington

One of the benefits of becoming a teacher is knowing that you have a direct influence on the lives of children in your community. In the field of physical education, your work can change students’ health habits, overall quality of life, and lifelong risk of disease.

Regular physical activity is important for children of all ages, giving physical educators the freedom to work with preschool students, high school students, and everyone in between. With a physical education degree, you can start exploring career options in this field.

Role of Educators with a Physical Education Degree in Washington

To be a great educator, you need the right training. Learn how to become a PE teacher in WA by requesting information from the teacher training programs below.

When you decide to focus on health and physical education for your career, you become part of an integrated team of educators that hope to improve the future of Washington by giving students everything they need to succeed. Not only can you learn from teachers in other subject areas, you should have a strong network of physical education contacts.

As a student, consider joining SHAPE Washington and learning about state teaching standards, education legislation, and current best teaching practices. You may attend seminars, networking events, and training programs as a member.

Are you ready to take the first step and prepare for your education? Discover how you can earn a degree in physical education by contacting Washington colleges and universities.

Getting Your Physical Education Degree in Washington

Choosing the right degree program and educational institution for your needs is a big part of succeeding as a new teacher. In Washington, there are several paths you may follow to become a licensed teacher.

Most teaching students choose to earn a Bachelor’s degree in physical education, a 120-credit program that involves four years of full-time study. This is optimal for students without any postsecondary education and those who currently have an Associate’s degree.

Those who have a Bachelor’s degree may choose to complete an alternative certification program or earn a Masters degree, although many still choose the Bachelor’s degree route.

To start your training, you complete general education classes in a variety of topics. This is a requirement for a Bachelor’s degree in any topic. Once you have met your general education requirements, you may apply for admission to your school’s teaching program.

This involves passing a background check, taking an initial knowledge test, and submitting information on your grades and academic qualifications. At that point, you can insert earning credits toward your teaching degree.

PE Teaching Courses in Washington

  • Foundations of School Health and Fitness
  • Characteristics of Effective Physical Education Teaching
  • Developmental Movement
  • Principles of Fitness and Stress Management
  • Comprehensive School Health Education
  • Pedagogical Application of Teaching Styles
  • Applications of Technology in Physical Education
  • Tactics and Skills for Teaching Games
  • Teaching Lifelong Physical Activity Pursuits
  • Curriculum Development and Assessment in Physical Education
  • Inclusive Strategies and Activities

By the time you are ready to walk across the stage and get your diploma, you should have several hundred hours of hands-on teaching experience. At many Washington institutions, this begins in your first semester as a teaching student.

Your final semester should be spent student teaching. This is a big responsibility that requires full-time hours, integration of feedback from your supervising teacher, and thorough documentation.

Once you have completed the education part of your license, you can apply through the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. To become a licensed physical education teacher, you must pass the Health/Fitness Washington Educator Skills Test.

Your hard work pays off in numerous ways. Not only does it improve the quality of instruction that your students enjoy, it helps you start a career that is rewarding and fulfilling. Physical education is incredibly important in school settings, and it’s important to remember the value of fitness for your students.

Working with a Physical Education Degree in Washington

As a fully licensed teacher, it is time to make an impact on Washington schools. If you did well during your student teaching placement, you may be able to start working for them once you have your license.

If that’s not an option or you would like to work elsewhere in the state, you may explore Washington’s many school districts. Those in remote and rural areas often require gym teachers to teach multiple grade levels across different schools, while urban school districts are more likely to have specific teaching teams for each school.

The statewide need for teachers may continue growing for several years to come. By 2024, O*Net expects job openings for elementary school teachers to swell 18% (2016). At the same time, secondary school teachers may see a 17% increase in job openings (O*Net, 2016).

Washington salaries are similar across school levels. The average income for an elementary school teacher is $60,140 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Secondary school teachers claim an average annual income of $61,920 (BLS, 2016).

The sooner you start preparing for a teaching career, the sooner you can start positively influencing Washington schools. Get more information on how to become a PE teacher by reaching out to Washington programs today.


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