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Physical Education Degrees in Texas

What do kids need to succeed, not just in school, but in life? Academic intelligence is important, of course, but it is not the only priority in Texas. In past decades, many states cut physical education to devote more time to academic subjects in an effort to keep up with other countries. This had a profoundly negative impact on American students.

Without regular exercise and physical activity, kids were irritable, easily distracted, and hyperactive in the classroom.

Now that physical education is gaining more attention in American schools, the demand for physical education teachers is growing.

Role of Educators with a Physical Education Degree in Texas

Becoming a gym teacher means becoming an expert in health and fitness, as well as the field of teaching as a whole. A great school makes all the difference.

Use the list of PE teacher programs below to contact Texas schools near you.

As you start to make your mark on the world of education, make sure you use all of the resources available to you. This means learning from experienced physical education teachers and administrators.

Consider joining the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. This group counts many skilled physical education teachers among its members, giving you plenty of potential mentors and people to learn from. This group aims to help physical education teachers develop programs that lead students to active, healthy lifestyles. This group also improves public knowledge of physical education through advocacy work.

If you’re ready to start a career that combines your interest in education with your passion for fitness, get started today. Discover how to become a PE teacher in TX by reaching out to the schools listed below.

Getting Your Physical Education Degree in Texas

If you are in the same boat as most aspiring physical education teachers, you are considering a Bachelor’s degree program. Bachelor’s degree programs include approximately 120 credits. As a student, you take general education courses, teaching pedagogy classes, and courses that bring everything together by combining fitness and teaching techniques.

Many people who are new to the field of education know about the student teaching requirements at local schools. However, that isn’t the full extent of your practical education in Texas. Rather, you may begin your teaching adventure by completing a rotation at a local elementary, middle, or high school.

The earlier you start interacting with students and learning from licensed teachers, the more time you have to develop your teaching persona and meet the learning outcomes of your program. That’s why many Texas programs expect students to complete multiple teaching rotations throughout their education.

Courses Taught in Texas PE Teacher Programs

  • Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
  • Beginning Weight Training
  • Conditioning Activity
  • Prevention and Care of Athletics Injuries
  • Motor Development
  • Biomechanics
  • Applied Assessment of Physical Education
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Physical Activities for Elementary Students
  • Secondary Teaching Curriculum and Technology
  • Principles and Practices of Teaching PE

By the time you graduate with a physical education degree, you should have a thorough understanding of what physical education teachers bring to the table as education professionals. The skills you have can quite literally change students’ lives.

You should have the knowledge you need to help students improve their motor skills, understand a diverse variety of physical activities, pursue fitness activities outside of school, and maintain healthy lifestyles. The result is students who are healthier, happier, and ready to take on adult life.

Make sure you choose a physical education degree that prepares you for licensure. In Texas, teacher certification goes through the Texas Education Agency. Prior to getting your license, you have to prove your knowledge by passing the relevant Texas Examination of Educator Standards.

After you learn how to become a physical education teacher, the required exam is the Physical Education: Early Childhood-Grade 12 test. Passing this test allows you to become certified to teach students of all grade levels in Texas public schools.

Working with a Physical Education Degree in Texas

There is no doubt that demand for teachers is increasing all over the country. However, demand for teachers is particularly strong in Texas. Between 2014 and 2024, job openings for elementary school teachers in Texas may increase 25% (O*Net, 2016). Demand for secondary school teachers is expected to increase at the same rate during this time (O*Net, 2016).

Educator salaries in Texas are fairly close to what is reported around the country. The average salary for an elementary school teacher in Texas is $52,810 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Those who work in secondary education report an average annual income of $53,640 (BLS, 2016).

The decisions you make today can impact your future. Make a decision that can positively impact your career choices and options.

Browse the list of Texas schools below and request information on becoming a PE teacher.