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Physical Education Degrees in Nebraska

Healthy eating habits and regular physical activity are non-negotiable aspects of health, particularly for children who are still developing their understanding of good habits and fitness.

By getting a physical education license in Nebraska, you can start a teaching career that allows you to influence kids from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The education you receive may show you how to teach team sports, cooperation, and individual fitness activities.

Pursuing a degree in this field may give you the chance to learn from experienced teachers who have worked with thousands of students.

Role of Educators with a Physical Education Degree in Nebraska

Learning how to become a PE teacher involves learning how to reach fitness goals and successfully empower students to aim for these goals.

Find out how you can get into this field by contacting physical education programs in Nebraska.

Nebraska educators are united in their goal to help children reach their full potential. Teachers in every subject go about making that happen in different ways. Physical education teachers strive for common standards and teaching techniques across districts.

Groups like SHAPE Nebraska, the Nebraska branch of the Society of Health and Physical Educators, provide training events, member networking events, and updates on legislation that affects physical education teachers. This is particularly beneficial for new teaching professionals, since they can get input and advice from experienced teachers.

Are you ready to study Nebraska education standards and find out how to make a generation of students enjoy gym class? Contact Nebraska schools to get more information on earning a physical education degree.

Getting Your Physical Education Degree in Nebraska

Although there are several PE teaching degrees, NE students often choose Bachelor’s degree programs. These programs provide a mix of general education, teaching coursework, and physical education theory.

Over a period of four years, you can earn 120 credits or more by following the curriculum set out by your program.

Courses that are commonly required in K-12 teaching programs include:

  • Foundations of Health and Physical Education
  • Physical Kinesiology
  • Teaching Individual and Dual Sports
  • Motor Skill Learning
  • Organization and Administration of Physical Education Activities
  • Theory of Physical Education
  • Adapted PE
  • Curriculum in Health Education
  • Tests and Measurements in Physical Education

Depending on the school you decide to attend, you may be able to choose from different areas of concentration. Some programs allow teaching students to study K-6th grade education or 6th-12th grade education, while others require all physical education teachers to give equal weight to K-12th grade teaching techniques.

Several types of field experience are offered at Nebraska teaching programs. One-credit to three-credit field experience courses help you ease into a teaching career by letting you spend a few hours per week in local classrooms. You may take on various teaching responsibilities and tasks during these courses, depending on what you are studying at the time.

The real test of your teacher preparation program is your final semester in college. This is when you get your student teaching assignment and work full-time as a student teacher. You are responsible for whatever duties your supervising teacher assigns you, including course planning, leading activities, connecting with students, and assessing students.

As you progress through your student teaching assignment, you should discover your strengths and weaknesses. This information can help you improve and get ready for your first teaching job.

In Nebraska, teachers are licensed by the Nebraska Department of Education. They verify your educational credentials, teaching hours, and Praxis II Physical Education Content and Knowledge score before administering your license.

As an aspiring gym teacher, you already know how important physical health is in every part of your life. Kids and adolescents do not yet understand that the choices they make today can impact them for years to come.

Take this opportunity to show students how they can benefit from exercise, healthy food, and rest.

Working with a Physical Education Degree in Nebraska

Passing the Praxis II and getting your teaching license is a huge accomplishment. Your training should have prepared you for your first year of teaching, in which you acclimate to course schedules, various demands on your time, and diverse student needs.

At all times, though, gym teachers have to keep physical education teaching standards in mind. These standards cover motor skill competency, movement patterns, principles and concepts of movement, sustainable physical activity levels, and the various benefits of fitness activities.

The biggest factor in your teaching salary is your school district. Applying for jobs as a new graduate gives you an entire summer to weigh different options. In Nebraska, elementary education teachers earn an average of $50,710 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). The average income for a secondary school teacher is $51,320 per year (BLS, 2016).

Across the board, the job outlook is positive for teaching professionals. By the year 2022, O*Net anticipates a 10% increase in job openings for both elementary school teachers and secondary school teachers (2016).

Now that you know how to become a physical education teacher, are you ready to take the next step?

Explore your education options by contacting Nebraska teacher training programs below.

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