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Physical Education Degrees in Idaho

With only eight hours of instructional time per day, it can be tough for Idaho teachers to fit everything in. Although this has led some legislators to attempt to remove non-academic subjects from curricular requirements, the value of physical education, health, and other subjects has been proven time and time again.

Highly skilled physical education teachers can help students of all abilities and interest levels find practical fitness habits, learn how to work as a team, and persevere in the face of adversity.

Role of Educators with a Physical Education Degree in Idaho

With a PE teaching license, you can teach physical education at all grade levels in Idaho. Learn more about how to get started by contacting Idaho teacher education programs below.


As a physical education teacher, you must follow specific state and federal standards. Content standards are laid out by the Idaho State Department of Education. Effective physical education programs should address goals in motor skills, movement patterns, personal and social responsibility, and daily physical activity.

Other outlined standards cover maintenance of a regular physical health routine, respect of self in physical activity settings, and participation in physical activity for enjoyment. While working through a physical education degree program in Idaho, your courses should clearly outline these standards and give you ways to meet them with each grade level.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of teaching, this is a great time to get started on the next stage of your education. Contact Idaho schools for more information on PE teaching degrees.

Getting Your Physical Education Degree in Idaho

One of the first steps you must achieve to become a teacher is choosing a teacher education program. The Idaho State Department of Education accredits and approves specific teacher education programs.

To qualify for licensure, you must earn a degree from an approved program. You major in physical education while attending teacher preparation courses. You should become well-versed in exercise science, kinesiology, and educational pedagogy.

Your curriculum may include classes like:

  • Physical Activity, Wellness and Behavior Change
  • Leadership, Pedagogy and Programming in Physical Activity
  • Programming and Marketing for Healthy, Active Lifestyles
  • Contexts of Education
  • Learning, Development and Assessment
  • Athletics Injuries
  • Applied Human Anatomy
  • Physical Activity Pedagogy
  • Motor Behavior
  • Skill and Analysis of Sports
  • Elementary Methods in Physical Activity Pedagogy
  • Secondary Methods in Physical Activity Pedagogy
  • Inclusive Physical Education and Recreation

Physical education teacher degrees in ID should keep you physically active as you master a variety of sports and fitness skills, but they should also get you out into the community. By observing and helping in elementary, middle, and high school gym courses, you can apply your teaching knowledge and connect with local teaching professionals.

For most students, a Bachelor’s degree is the natural choice for licensure. This 120-credit degree requires eight semesters of coursework, including one semester of student teaching. Field experience expectations vary between Idaho institutions, although you do generally spend several semesters in one-to-three-credit field experience classes. You may take on more teaching responsibility with each course you complete, building up to your final student teaching semester.

The benefits of regular gym time are clear when you start spending time with students. You can see the effects of physical education on their academic performance and mental health. A physical education degree should show you how to encourage, motivate, and assess students properly.

If you want to work in Idaho, you get your teaching license from the Idaho State Department of Education. When you submit your application, you must pay a $75 application fee and a $34.75 fingerprinting fee. At this time, you must also submit Form B1 and your transcripts. A passing score on the Praxis II Physical Education Content and Knowledge Exam is required.

Working with a Physical Education Degree in Idaho

Once you are a licensed teacher in Idaho, you can work in any public or private school in Idaho. Since many Idaho school systems are fairly remote, you may take on classes from different grade levels and schools.

Your salary is influenced by how much experience you have, which school district you work for, and how much seniority you have. In Idaho, the average salary for an elementary school teacher is $44,550 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Secondary school teachers claim an average salary of $47,260 per year (BLS, 2016).

The job outlook in Idaho is growing steadily. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 14% jump in job openings for elementary school teachers (2016). During this same time frame, job openings for secondary school teachers may swell 7% (O*Net, 2016).

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to do something that can truly change the world.

Learn more about your training options now by requesting information on earning a degree in physical education from the Idaho schools listed below.

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