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Physical Education Degrees in Georgia

As an aspiring educator, your goal is to give students the tools they need to thrive in society. These needs encompass physical health, academic intelligence, emotional intelligence, and social skills.

Choosing to study physical education allows you to take a variety of courses that focus on health and exercise, two crucial aspects of student performance. Whether you want to teach kindergarteners the rules of tag or help high schoolers develop lifelong fitness habits, the first step is a physical education degree in Georgia.

Role of Educators with a Physical Education Degree in Georgia

Teachers in Georgia are role models, educators, and mentors. Your choice to become a gym teacher can help kids learn healthy habits and build strong motor skills. Get more information on how to become a PE teacher in GA by contacting schools below.


Georgia schools must follow strict standards when it comes to physical education programs. As a crucial component of elementary and secondary education, physical education is required for all students. Teachers are expected to help students develop positive attitudes toward physical activity, build active lifestyles, and strengthen cognitive performance via physical health (Georgia Standards, 2016).

Administrators note that quality physical education programs address developmental needs, mental alertness, and enthusiasm for learning among students. When you earn a degree in physical education, you are expected to meet these standards by succeeding in a set curriculum of courses.

Discover how to become a PE teacher. Learn more about education requirements and get in touch with Georgia programs.

Getting Your Physical Education Degree in Georgia

Though physical education requires a thorough understanding of sports and an ability to execute various physical maneuvers, there is far more to this field than physical skills and sports rules. To work with students between kindergarten and 12th grade, you have to understand educational pedagogy, teaching theories, and current research in childhood development.

You may reach your educational goals and standards by earning a Bachelor’s degree at an approved Georgia program. All schools must be accredited and in line with Georgia state standards. You may become a teacher through a Master’s degree program if you already have a Bachelor’s degree, but most first-time teachers begin with a Bachelor’s degree in education.

Programs in this category focus primarily on physical health and exercise science coursework, combining these subjects with educational theory. As you work toward a Bachelor’s degree, you may take courses like:

  • Introduction to Teaching Health and Physical Education
  • Personal Wellness
  • Educational Games, Gymnastics and Dance
  • Skills and Strategies in Physical Education
  • Motor Behavior
  • Instructional Strategies of Health and Physical Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Physical Education in Elementary Schools
  • Physical Education in Secondary Schools
  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Foundations and Principles of Coaching
  • Skills and Strategies in Teaching Games

Although you can learn a lot in theory courses, you must be able to apply lessons and techniques to real teaching situations. You get exposure to the education system as soon as you become a teaching student.

You should complete one field experience as a new student and then enroll in semester-long field experience courses throughout your training. To qualify for licensure, you must go through a full semester of student teaching at the conclusion of your program.

For many students, this is the most demanding part of becoming a teacher. You maintain the hours of a full-time teacher, taking on planning, teaching, and assessment responsibilities. Though this is an intense introduction to the world of teaching, it helps you rapidly acclimate to the demands of physical education.

Furthermore, you may learn about potential employment opportunities as a student teacher, especially if you make a good impression.

After you earn your Bachelor’s degree, you can complete the testing requirements for PE teaching degrees in Georgia. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission requires new applicants to pass the GACE content assessment in physical education.

Working with a Physical Education Degree in Georgia

All of the hard work you put into a teaching degree is meant to put you in a great position to start a physical education career in Georgia. Depending on the needs of your district, you may work at the elementary, middle, or high school level. Small districts, which often can’t afford separate gym departments for each school, may require you to work at several throughout the week. The average salary for an elementary school teacher in Georgia is $53,610 per year, while the average income for a secondary school teacher is $55,460 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

The job outlook is extremely positive for Georgia teachers. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 33% increase in elementary school teaching jobs (2016). At the same time, they hope to see a 25% boost in secondary school teaching jobs (O*Net, 2016).

Take advantage of professional development opportunities in your community. The Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance unites physical education teachers with the aim of improving quality of life across Georgia. They focus on curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

The future of Georgia relies on the quality of education today. If you’re ready to become a gym teacher and tackle health goals, contact local schools and request information on earning a degree in physical education.

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