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Physical Education Degrees in Arizona

The link between mental health, educational performance, and physical activity is very strong. Students who perform well in all of their courses tend to get plenty of exercise, and students who are well-adjusted and resilient generally get daily physical activity. When you become a physical education teacher, you can contribute directly to the long-term educational success of your students. To be a successful physical education teacher, you must have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology, educational theory, and sporting rules and standards.

Role of Educators with a Physical Education Degree in Arizona

Physical education teachers are an important part of any teaching team in Arizona. Learn more about becoming a gym teacher by contacting Arizona schools for physical education teachers below.

Many experts believe that it is getting increasingly more difficult to keep children active and fit. Legislation in some parts of the country has cut required gym time and limited the amount of time students spend playing and unwinding. As an aspiring physical education teacher, you can get involved in local groups like Arizona Health & Physical Education.

This group recognizes the importance of gym classes and recognizes that success comes from the work of physical education teachers. They advocate for evidence-based physical education courses in schools, community-based extension activities, and activities that encourage youth to stay healthy. These are just some of the ways you can contribute to overall health in Arizona and help a generation of kids grow into a generation of healthy adults.

The first step is education. Request information from the schools below to learn more about PE teaching degrees in Arizona.

Getting Your Physical Education Degree in Arizona

Teacher licensure is highly regulated all over the United States. To become a gym teacher in Arizona, you have to meet stringent educational requirements and pass a set of licensing exams. You must attend an accredited school that follows the licensing guidelines of Arizona.

Earning a Bachelor’s degree is the most common way to become a PE teacher and start a teaching career. A Bachelor’s degree includes 120 credits, which is split between education courses and general education coursework. After you get accepted to the teaching program at your school of choice, you can start taking your teaching classes.

Commonly required courses are listed below:

  • Elementary Physical Education Methods and Curriculum Development
  • Secondary Physical Education Methods and Curriculum Development
  • Adapted and Inclusive Physical Education
  • Learning and Instruction
  • Physical Activity Promotion
  • Health Methods
  • Analysis of Skills and Games
  • Teaching Physical Activity Concepts
  • Sports Education

Every course you complete should meet or further your progress on one of the learning goals created by your program. You may be expected to demonstrate your success in a variety of areas, including your scientific and theoretical understanding of teaching, your physical health and fitness level, your skill-based teaching abilities, your ability to create lesson plans and execute them, and your management of students and outcomes.

One of the most crucial parts of your teacher training comes at the end of your program. Throughout your degree, you should get several types of practical experience at schools in your area. However, your final semester of school is spent in a student teaching environment. This state requirement puts you in the classroom for up to 40 hours per week.

On top of that, you must spend time outside of class creating materials, finishing assignments from your supervising teacher, and completing documentation on your teaching experience. As a student teacher, you should get to observe, participate, and eventually lead entire classes on your own. The connections you make during student teaching may help you start working after graduation.

Physical education degrees prepare graduates for the licensing process in Arizona. The Arizona Department of Education awards a physical education license that allows you to teach all grade levels from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. You must pass a background check and submit proof of your educational credentials. This process involves passing three exams: the Professional Knowledge Exam—Elementary, the Professional Knowledge Exam—Secondary, and the Physical Education Exam.

Upon completing the licensure process, you can begin working as a physical education teacher in Arizona. You may find that you have a chance to connect with students, particularly those who struggle with traditional academic subjects but thrive in gym class. Through rapport and careful lesson planning, you can also help those who generally dislike physical education come to enjoy the class.

The benefits of a solid physical education program strengthen education in general. Find out more about teaching programs in your area with the list of schools below.

Working with a Physical Education Degree in Arizona

As a new physical education teacher, you may work in a variety of school districts in Arizona. Each district handles physical education differently. Smaller districts may have one team of gym teachers who teach all grade levels within the district. Larger districts may have dedicated physical education teachers for each grade level or school. As you gain experience and learn more about how to become a PE teacher, you may take on more responsibility or have more freedom in what you teach.

Salaries vary at each level of education, and some districts have different pay scales for physical education teachers. In Arizona, elementary school teachers have an average salary of $40,860 per year and secondary school teachers have an average salary of $44,730 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). From 2012 through 2022, O*Net expects to see a 23% boost in elementary teaching jobs and a 15% jump in secondary teaching jobs (2016).

Teaching is a rewarding career that can positively impact the children in your community and the overall health of Arizona. Get started on the path to a physical education degree with the programs below.

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