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Masters in Education Programs in Massachusetts

With almost 2,000 public schools, just under a million students, and more than 70,000 public school teachers, Massachusetts enjoys a national reputation for excellence in public education and some of the best universities in the nation.

In addition to the public school system, the state is also home to successful charter schools and private schools. That means there are many opportunities for teachers looking for employment.

A review of salaries for teachers in Boston by the Boston Business Journal revealed that average pay for teachers across the state in 2016 was $76,479. Teachers with master’s degrees in education usually enjoy a higher salary and increased job opportunities.

From traditional to online to hybrid combinations, Massachusetts offers many opportunities for teachers to obtain a master’s in education degree. Read on to learn more about these options, career paths for those with a graduate degree in education,  or take your first step towards earning your degree by requesting information from one of the schools listed on this page!

Earning your Master’s in Education in Massachusetts

The annual US News report on the top graduate education programs in the country has Harvard, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ranked number 1, but it wasn’t the only Massachusetts school to make the list.  If you want to earn your master’s in education, Boston is a great place to do it, but there are other great options across the state as well.

Master’s Programs in Massachusetts

HarvardThe Graduate School of Education offers 13 different Ed.M. programsCambridge
Boston CollegeTeacher Education, Special Education and Curriculum & instruction

Educational Leadership & Higher Education

Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology

Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics and Assessment

Boston UniversityNumerous specialized EdM. programs are availableBoston
Emmanuel Universitymaster’s of education in school administrationBoston
Springfield CollegeOffers a variety of graduate education degrees, all of which should prepare them to be leaders in their classroomsSpringfield
Elms CollegeStudents earn a Master of Education while studying subjects such as thinking skills, culture, and technology. The degree does not include teacher licensure, but it can be used to help Massachusetts teachers improve their classroom instruction.Chicopee


If attending one of these schools or another Massachusetts graduate school like them sounds great but you are worried about the cost, we’ve found several funding options that might be right for you. 

Scholarships for Education Graduate Students in Massachusetts

  • Current math and science teachers interested in earning a master’s degree while continuing to teach these subjects are eligible to apply for the Mathematics and Science Teachers Scholarship Program
  • Those interested in early childhood education should check out the Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program.
  • Nationwide scholarships may also be available through organizations such as the National Education Association (NEA).
  • Becoming a Teacher’s Assistant while earning your master’s degree might also work for you. Reach out to the school you’re interested in to get more information on availability and their application process.

MA Research Initiatives in Education

Another option for subsidizing your education is through research programs. Massachusetts is often at the forefront of providing opportunities to get involved with research that can help bring new understanding and positive changes to the future of education. To name a few:

Working in Massachusetts with a Master’s in Education Degre

Teaching in Massachusetts

According to the BLS, jobs for teachers are projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024. Employment growth and wages vary throughout the state, with the 2016 average salary for elementary educators in Massachusetts at $74,470.  As years of experience and education levels increase, so do salaries for educators.

A Master’s in Education degree opens career opportunities and leads to higher paying jobs in education in Massachusetts with greater responsibilities. It is often the first step toward becoming a Lead Teacher, School Administrator, or moving into a job in higher education.  

Education Research in Massachusetts

Massachusetts leads many initiatives that can provide opportunities for those pursuing masters’ degrees in education to get involved in research.

Other Careers for Master’s of Education Students

Opportunities exist for those with a master’s degree in education who, for whatever reason, decide not to teach. It isn’t difficult for these individuals to transition into positions as corporate trainers, education consultants, working with textbook or other instructional materials companies, or to work with nonprofit and professional organizations. A few examples of possible opportunities in Massachusetts include:

Employers understand that people with an education background have strong time management and leadership skills, they know how to motivate others, and they communicate effectively.

Ready to begin your graduate degree in education journey today? It’s easy! Just use the links to request information from schools that you are interested in.