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Masters in Education Programs in Colorado

The world of education is always evolving. Keep up with the latest research and evidence-based teaching methods with Colorado online MAT programs.

While the teacher shortage has been a major national problem for years, it’s reached the level of a full-blown crisis in Colorado. A Denver Post report on the teacher shortage indicates that math, science, and special education postings often go unfilled for years. As of 2017, there are approximately 3,000 existing openings. Combine that with a lower amount of teaching graduates, and it’s clear that this issue may continue for several years to come.

Earning a Master’s degree in education could strengthen your ability to combat Colorado’s teaching shortage. Colorado Public Radio reports that proposed solutions to the teacher shortage include increased pay, subsidized teacher housing, and mentoring programs for new teachers. With your teaching experience and a graduate degree, you could be an excellent resource and support figure for new educators finding their footing.

Whether you want to attend a conventional program or earn your Master’s of Education online, Colorado schools have several options to meet your needs. Contact Colorado teaching schools to get more information.

Earning your Master’s in Education in Colorado

As you compare different options in Colorado, note that there are several ways to earn a Master’s degree. Online MAT programs allow busy educators to do their coursework remotely, while hybrid/blended programs combine online study and in-person class attendance. Several schools also offer conventional in-person degree options.

SchoolSpecializationsNotable FeaturesLocation
Adams State UniversityMA: Counselor Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Education LeadershipPrograms are offered online and begin in the summer term to help working teachers get a head startAlamosa
Colorado Mesa UniversityMA in Education: Educational Leadership, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Teacher Leader, Exceptional Learner, and Initial Teacher LicensureESOL programs meet the growing needs of non-native English speakers in classrooms; all degree programs are designed to be completed in a four-semester cycleGrand Junction
University of Colorado at BoulderMA: Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity, Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice, Learning Sciences and Human DevelopmentStudents can earn a graduate certificate in quantitative methods in the area of research and evaluation methodologyBoulder

Selected Master’s degree programs in Colorado

  • Regis University. Regis University offers Master of Education programs in a number of areas, including reading, instructional technology, and curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The school emphasizes flexible learning formats, combining classroom learning with online classes and directed study.
  • University of Northern Colorado. The University of Northern Colorado offers Master of Arts in teaching degrees in curriculum studies, linguistically diverse education, and English education. Both on-campus and online programs are offered.
  • Western State College of Colorado. Western State offers a low-residency Master of Arts in education program. Students live on campus for a week each August and complete their remaining coursework remotely.

What are the Different Master’s Degrees in Education?

  • Master of Arts in Teaching: In-person and online MAT programs aim to help classroom teachers become well-versed in effective instruction, pedagogical theory, and teaching methodology. It’s an optimal choice for those who want to continue their classroom work with a Master’s degree.
  • Master’s in Education: Those who want to go beyond the classroom and take on an administrative role typically go this route. While some of your coursework may cover teaching theory, you may concentrate more on fields like counseling, curriculum development, or educational administration.
  • Master of Arts in Education: This degree is similar to a Master of Arts in Teaching. Curricular requirements generally include some administrative courses but are more heavily focused on classroom work.
  • Master of Science in Education: While any graduate education degree may prepare you for a career in research, an MS in Education tends to offer more coursework in educational research and methodology.

The skills gained in Master’s-level education programs help you interpret, analyze, and design educational research. Several Colorado schools have research initiatives for those who want to contribute to educational scholarship while attending a graduate program. Two of the largest research initiatives in the state are the Center for the Education and Study of the Gifted, Talented, and Creative and the Colorado Diversity Initiative.

Scholarships and Grants for Advanced Education Degree Students in Colorado

There are many scholarship and grant options for aspiring and current teachers in Colorado. Offerings are even more diverse now because of the growing teacher shortage in this state.

Job growth for Colorado teachers is staggering, exceeding the national average at all levels. Employment of elementary school teachers and middle school teachers is expected to grow 24% between 2014 and 2024. Increases in secondary school teacher employment and elementary special education jobs may reach 17% during this time frame. A 16% increase in secondary special education job openings is expected by 2024.

Average salaries increase at the Master’s degree level, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They note that the payoff for a Master’s degree in education is generally high. Educational administrators claim an average income of $75,000 per year at this level. The average salary for a kindergarten or preschool teachers with a graduate degree is $43,000 per year, and average salaries for elementary, high school, and special education teachers range from $52,000 to $56,000 per year.

After earning your Master’s degree in education, you may continue to work within the local public or private school system. Your advanced degree may pave the way for you to take on supervisory duties, lead teacher responsibilities, mentoring positions, and teacher assessment duties.

As education is an interdisciplinary field, the skills and knowledge you nurture at the graduate level may help you explore opportunities in other fields. Some graduates go on to work for education nonprofits, such as Great Education Colorado and RISE Colorado. Other options include:

  • Testing centers like Pearson in Centennial, Colorado
  • Adult education programs offered by treatment center like Abraxas
  • Educational technology firms like HireEducation

Colorado is home to many research projects that aim to push the field of education forward. You could contribute to this essential part of teaching by working for one of these initiatives:

Professional Research Initiatives

  • Interagency Education Research Initiative: This initiative supports the improvement of education in reading, science, and mathematics. They encourage adaptability and an understanding of educational contexts in Colorado.
  • Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative: Researchers that are part of this initiative strive to make science more hands-on and more applicable to students. They aim to provide students with close encounters with science.
  • Colorado Education Initiative: The primary goal of this agency is to improve Colorado’s K-12 public education system. They work toward equitable outcomes for Colorado children.
  • Charter School Support Initiative: Through this initiative, charter schools are assessed based on a CDE School Quality rubric. Researchers help schools improve school performance with research-based recommendations.

The time and effort you put into Colorado’s educational system can impact your community for decades to come. Take this opportunity to start working toward a Master’s degree in education now! Check out our list of Colorado graduate education programs and request information from the schools that interest you.

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