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Masters in Education Programs in California

For those looking to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching, California is a great state to do it in.

A 2017 update of a Learning Policy Institute report regarding California teacher shortages finds that teacher supply is insufficient to meet growing teacher demand.

In order to improve the situation, California introduced bills to give teachers tax credits, to exempt them from state income taxes, to prevent districts from charging new teachers fees, and proposed the Golden State Teacher Grant program intended to offer financial incentives for teaching in under-served communities and provide grants for teaching certain hard-to-fill subjects. Though all teachers in California are required to possess a bachelor’s degree, educators who pursue a master’s in education program, such as a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.), or Master’s in Education (M.Ed.), gain subject matter expertise, critical instruction skills, and practical experience. They’re able to engage students and achieve better results. They make strong administrators because they understand real classroom issues, have well-developed leadership skills, and know how to communicate with students and parents.

If you’re wondering if a master’s degree in education is right for you, and if California is the state for you to earn it in, read on for more information on programs in California; careers in California for those with an education master’s; or request information from any of the schools listed below to take your first step towards earing your advanced education degree!

Earning your Master’s in Education in California

California offers multiple opportunities to earn a Master’s in Education in a traditional campus setting, online, or through a hybrid program that combines both approaches.

Master’s Programs in California

School Specializations Location
UCLA M.Ed. degree

  • Multiple subject instructional credential with the cross cultural language and academic development/bilingual cross cultural language and academic development (BCLAD)
  • Single subject instructional credential with the CLAD/BCLAD emphasis
  • Administrative services credential
Los Angeles
  • MA in Education
  • MA in Teaching (with preliminary teaching credential)
  • MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • MA in Learning Technologies
  • MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Change
  • MS in Administration and Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
University of San Francisco 18 master’s and credential programs, including Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) San Francisco
Fresno Pacific University Offers several master’s degrees in areas such as math education, reading/language arts, and special education Fresno
Mount Saint Mary’s University M.S. Ed. In elementary, secondary, and special education Los Angeles

Graduate students should check with the institution they’re interested in attending to see if the school offers scholarship, grant or fellowship opportunities.

Scholarships and Grants for Advanced Education Degree Students in California

In addition to individual schools, scholarships may be available for those who want to pursue a master’s program in education in California through these and other organizations and foundations:

Working in California with a Master’s in Education Degree

According to the State of CA Employment Development Department, in 2017 the annual mean wage for all teachers in California was $76,009. However, salaries vary greatly from town to town.  Salaries generally increase based on education levels and years of experience.

Employment of teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Employment growth and wages will vary by region. Job prospects are expected to be particularly good for teachers in high-demand fields like math, science, and bilingual education, or in less desirable urban and rural school districts.

An advanced degree in education opens career opportunities and leads to higher paying jobs in education in California with greater responsibilities such as Lead Teacher, School Administrator, or a job in higher education.

Numerous opportunities also exist outside the field of education. Many teachers have moved into positions as corporate trainers, education consultants, working with textbook or other instructional materials companies, or working with nonprofit and professional organizations. A few of these include:

  • Work in education nonprofits
  • Careers in Education Technology (Ed Tech) at companies such as Coursera, Udemy, or Study.com among many others (the San Francisco Bay Area and L.A. are home to MANY ed tech companies and startups!)
  • With offices across California, there are many opportunities for careers in education publishing at companies like Cengage Learning or Pearson Learning

Professional Research Initiatives

In addition to the careers listed above, several opportunities are available in California for educators interested in furthering research in education. Here are just a few:

Employers understand that those who have earned a master’s degree in education have developed time management and leadership skills, and they know how to motivate others and communicate effectively. These skills and abilities are highly valued and transfer into other fields, so a variety of opportunities in the corporate world or the nonprofit arena are available in California, depending on your unique strengths, talents and interests.

Are you ready to get started with the first step towards earning your advanced education degree in California? Use the links to request information from schools that you are interested in!