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Elementary Education Degrees in West Virginia

When it comes to educational needs, states with largely rural populations often suffer the most. This is true in the state of West Virginia, where rural districts often find it nearly impossible to get the funding and educators they need. Are you ready to do your part to turn that around? If you are, earning a degree in elementary education could be the first step. As an elementary school teacher, you may be able to learn the proper teaching techniques for different areas of study and put them to work in a classroom.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in West Virginia

Getting the proper undergraduate or graduate education is the first step to becoming a licensed teacher in West Virginia. Use our list of top elementary education programs to reach out to schools in your community.

The field of education is tightly regulated, not just in West Virginia but in the entire country. As an aspiring teacher in this state, you have to be on top of changes that may influence your daily work and long-term goals. West Virginia legislators recently rolled out a new accountability system for West Virginia educators (West Virginia MetroNews, 2017). This system includes assessments for teachers and students that gauge how much students learn each year.

It’s crucial to find a teacher training program that fully utilizes your skills and previous education in this field. Request information from schools to find out how you can earn a degree in elementary education.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in West Virginia

Why is it important to get in touch with multiple schools? You never know which program will be a good fit for you! If you learn best in small classes, you may want to choose a program with a low student-to-teacher ratio. If you prefer a hands-on learning environment, you may select a program that offers lots of classroom learning rotations.

When you start comparing programs, there are several ways you can narrow down your list of potential schools. Look into the learning outcomes of each school. This may show you what you may expect to learn by the time you graduate, which makes it easier to find a school that is in line with your career goals. Another way to assess a school is to look at its required and elective course options.

From start to finish, elementary education programs last about four years. Master’s in elementary education programs are slightly different, since they require a Bachelor’s degree; if you go this route, plan on spending two years in school. You have to take approximately 60 credits in general education classes before starting your teacher education. As you explore different teaching theories, you may put them to work in classroom rotations. Use this time to connect with other teachers and build a solid reputation for yourself.

Elementary Education Course Options in West Virginia

  • Literature for Children
  • Professional Inquiry in Education
  • Music in Elementary School
  • Materials and Procedures in Teaching
  • Instructional Design and Evaluation
  • Math Methods for Elementary Teachers
  • Music in Elementary School
  • Managing and Organizing Learning Environments
  • Foundations of Language and Literacy
  • Promoting Literacy Connections

Student teaching is the most rigorous test of your growth as a teacher. You get assigned to a classroom in a nearby school. You get to spend the entire semester in this classroom, using your knowledge to tackle different classroom situations and make a great impression on your supervising teacher. Even elementary education online degree programs require student teaching, as classroom experience is mandatory for a West Virginia license.

Ready to get your license? Your next stop is the West Virginia Department of Education. After passing the Praxis II, you may get your three-year teaching license.

The future of education determines the future of America. Make your mark on this industry now by getting in touch with elementary education programs in West Virginia.

Working as an Elementary Educator in West Virginia

The field of education has been stable in West Virginia for the past few years. This trend may continue through 2024, giving you time to benefit from steady growth in education. Between 2014 and 2024, job openings for elementary educators may jump 3% (O*Net, 2017). West Virginia elementary educators bring in a mean income of $45,520 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

In rural states, it’s important to have a strong network of contacts that can help you acclimate to the challenges of teaching. That’s why it’s recommended that you join groups like the West Virginia Education Association, which brings continuing education opportunities and networking events to WV teachers.

Don’t wait any longer to pursue a career that you love. Browse our list of West Virginia teaching programs and get in touch with those that catch your eye.

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