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Elementary Education Degrees in Washington

Children come from all different backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, and health backgrounds. No matter what, they need access to high-quality education. That’s where elementary education teachers and public schools come into play. By establishing a strong foundation at the elementary level, schools can help students prepare for high school and the post-graduation world. Whether you want to work in one of Washington’s urban areas or one of its more remote rural areas, you may have the opportunity to help students succeed.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in Washington

Education is crucial to any type of career, but it is especially crucial to those who want to take responsibility for America’s next generation of children. Start to learn more about Washington teacher certification now by requesting information from teacher training programs near you.

Washington is extremely progressive in its handling of educational issues, so it’s ahead of the curve in many ways. Legislators have made it a goal to fully fund all of Washington’s public schools, making it easier for students to get the education they need and making it easier for teachers to provide that education (Seattle Times, 2017). If you choose to attend an elementary teacher program, you could have the support and resources you need when you get started in Washington.

As you learn more about what it takes to become a teacher, reach out to local teacher training programs to get more information. Use our list of Washington teacher education schools to begin.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Washington

To qualify for a teaching license in Washington, you have to earn your degree at an accredited university. Accredited institutions meet the educational standards and experience requirements of the state of Washington, helping you save time during the licensing process.

By far, the most popular option for aspiring teachers is a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. These elementary education programs are designed to be finished in a period of just four years, letting you meet general education requirements and teacher training requirements in a period of eight semesters. Keep in mind that most of Washington’s colleges and universities have strict education program requirements. Before you’re admitted, you need to have a minimum amount of credits and have a high GPA. Work toward these goals in your first two years of school so you can get into the education program quickly.

Elementary Education Course Options in Washington

  • Classroom Management
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Early Literacy
  • Teaching Elementary Mathematics
  • Teaching Elementary Science
  • Teaching Elementary Social Studies
  • Integrating Fine Arts into K-8 Curriculum
  • Integrating Health and Fitness Into K-8 Curriculum
  • Diversity in Education
  • Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms

As you study theory in the courses listed above, you must demonstrate your ability to apply theory to classroom situations. That’s why you have to complete assignments in elementary classrooms of differing grade levels. By the time you reach your student teaching semester, you should have what it takes to teach independently.  During your student teaching assignment, you can learn from an experienced teacher and use their feedback to become a stronger educator. These references are very important during your job search, so do your best to impress your supervising teacher and administrator.

Once you have your degree in hand, you may earn your license through the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. They offer Residency Teacher Certification to those who meet minimum requirements. You have to pass the elementary education WEST-E endorsement test.

Ready to take the plunge and become an active part of Washington’s teaching community? Browse our list of schools and contact teacher education programs in your area.

Working as an Elementary Educator in Washington

Teacher job growth is strong in Washington, exceeding expected job growth in many parts of the country. O*Net hopes to see an 18% increase in job openings between 2014 and 2024 (2017). Salaries in Washington also tend to be higher than average; statewide, teachers report an average salary of $60,950 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

While you may have a lot on your plate as a new teacher, don’t forget to spend time networking and furthering your education. Get involved in local professional organizations, such as the Washington Education Association. Members of these groups get to attend continuing education seminars, build connections with other educators, and receive regular legislative updates.

You may be ready to make a difference in the lives of Washington students and residents. Get the ball rolling now by contacting Washington colleges and universities.

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