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Elementary Education Degrees in Virginia

What can you do to improve the future of your community and strengthen your own job outlook? You may want to consider becoming a teacher. Making education widely available is one of the most efficient ways to make a community stronger, healthier, and more united. With an elementary education degree, you may have the chance to work with students of different ages and take on challenges in urban and rural Virginia communities. Your path starts with education and training.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in Virginia

As an aspiring teacher, it’s crucial that you take the right steps to earn your license and degree. Discover what it takes to earn a teaching license in Virginia and how you can meet educational requirements by contacting elementary education programs in Virginia.

Virginia education is always changing in response to new research, allowing teachers to make better choices for their students and classrooms. Because of this, standards and legislation change on a frequent basis. The state of Virginia recently introduced new accountability measures that may change how teachers run their classrooms and help students prepare for standardized testing (Roanoke Times, 2017). With these standards, it may be easier to plan your educational efforts and get the most out of your teaching hours.

Finding the right elementary teacher program is easy when you have a comprehensive list of accredited programs to explore. Check out our list of elementary education schools in Virginia and get in touch with schools that catch your interest.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Virginia

Unless you already have a Bachelor’s degree in education or child development, you likely need to start with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Those who already have an undergraduate degree in this area of study may want to look into graduate programs, which are considerably shorter than undergraduate options and look more deeply into current issues. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field, look into one of Virginia’s many alternative certification programs to find out how you can get your license in less than a year.

Bachelor’s programs offer a well-rounded education, making you a great asset to local elementary schools. Before you get into teaching classes, you take general education courses in mathematics, English, history, and the physical sciences. When you have enough credits and a high enough GPA, you an start your education coursework.

Coursework covers theory and practical experience, allowing you to develop all of the necessary skills for an entry-level teaching career. As you work through each of your classroom rotations, you may learn how to communicate with students, take feedback from administrators, and make the most of your time with students.

Elementary Education Course Options in Virginia

  • Childhood Learning and Development
  • Reading Development
  • Exceptional Learners
  • Curriculum and Instruction for Elementary and Special Education
  • Differentiating Reading Instruction
  • Science in the Elementary School
  • Classroom Management and Behavioral Assessment
  • Social Studies in the Elementary School
  • Mathematics in the Elementary School
  • Language Arts Methods
  • Contemporary Educational Issues

The final test of your teaching knowledge is student teaching. During this semester, spend more than 40 hours per week working with students under the supervision of a licensed teacher. If you thrive in your student teaching placement, you may be able to secure a job there after graduation.

Once you’ve graduated with your Bachelor’s degree, you may want to apply for your license. Submit your transcripts and application to the Virginia Department of Education. You have to schedule your Praxis II exam. After you pass this exam and get your application approved, you have to pass the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment. This allows you to get your initial license.

Make the most of this opportunity and start learning more about elementary education teacher programs in Virginia!

Working as an Elementary Educator in Virginia

Statewide, demand for teachers is on the rise. Through the year 2024, O*Net predicts an 11% increase in job openings for elementary school teachers (2017). Across Virginia, the average income for an elementary school teacher is $66,700 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

There’s a lot you can do to learn more and positively influence your job outlook and earning potential. Start building your professional network so you can learn about continuing education programs and legislative changes. Many teaching students and new teachers find it helpful to join the Virginia Education Association.

The future of your teaching career could begin right now! Check out our list of teaching programs in Virginia and request information to get started.

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