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Elementary Education Degrees in South Dakota

Are you looking for a career that lets you spend your days making a difference? Do you enjoy working with children and helping them explore the world? This is your chance to learn more about becoming an elementary school teacher. Elementary school teachers help children learn how to build social skills, build a love of learning, and find their place in the world. The role of teachers is especially important in South Dakota, where remote and rural communities often struggle to find the teachers they need.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in South Dakota

By learning about education in South Dakota, you may discover how to reach students in your community and use effective teaching methods in your classroom. Explore your options now by requesting information from South Dakota elementary teacher programs.

In South Dakota, education is always changing. The needs of students are becoming clearer and clearer, thanks to ongoing research in this field. This research makes it easier for teachers to reach students in the manner that best suits them. As K-12 education changes in South Dakota, schools and parents report a growing need for arts education and creative teaching techniques (Argus Leader, 2017). Colleges and universities change their curricula to meet the needs of schools in South Dakota, so you may work on these in-demand skills as an elementary education student.

Ready to take the next step and get more information on elementary education programs in your area? Browse our list of South Dakota teacher training programs and reach out to schools that catch your eye.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in South Dakota

You’re ready to pursue a teaching degree, but which one is right for you? Start out by learning about Bachelor in elementary education degrees. This option is far more common in South Dakota, and it is the more popular choice for teaching students in South Dakota. A Bachelor’s degree includes between 120 and 140 credits, including 60 credits of general education classes and 60 credits of elementary education classes.

There are several components that make up your teacher education. First, you must have a solid understanding of teaching theory. Students have a limited amount of time in the classroom, so you simply don’t have time to explore untested and unsupported theories. Instead, you have to know what works by exploring research and teacher reports.

Second, you must be able to apply this information in the classroom. Classroom rotations put you in several area schools, giving you the perfect opportunity to start building connections with local teachers and school administrators.

The final component of your education is another type of classroom experience. Student teaching takes your experience to the next level, requiring you to spend an average of 40 hours per week in the classroom.

Elementary Education Course Options in South Dakota

  • K-8 Art Methods
  • Foundations of American Education
  • Earth and Physical Science for Elementary Teachers
  • Foundations and Theory of Reading
  • South Dakota Indian Studies
  • Math Concepts for Teachers
  • K-8 Music Methods
  • Computer-Based Technology and Learning
  • K-8 Language Arts Methods

The other option that is available in South Dakota is a Master’s in elementary education. This is optimal for those who already have a Bachelor’s degree in education and a teaching license. Since this degree is designed for working teachers, it may permit you to earn your elementary education online degree.

Finishing your education allows you to apply for licensure through the South Dakota Department of Education. They use the Praxis II licensing exams to assess your readiness to take on a teaching position. Once you’re approved, you receive a five-year teaching certificate.

You want to work with students and you know that you can strengthen public education in South Dakota. Make your move now and contact local teaching programs to learn more.

Working as an Elementary Educator in South Dakota

As a new teacher, you may realize that you have a lot to learn before you feel completely confident in the classroom. Teaching places a lot of demands on professionals, from time management and parent contact to lesson planning and student assessment. Instead of trying to learn everything by yourself, start developing your professional network and join the South Dakota Education Association. This group makes it easy to connect with other teaching professionals and take advantage of continuing education opportunities in your city.

Job growth is on the rise in South Dakota, with an anticipated 5% increase in job openings by 2024 (O*Net, 2017). South Dakota elementary school teachers report an average annual salary of $43,180 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

A teaching career can be fulfilling and allow you to create ripples of change in your community. Explore the options in your area by requesting information from South Dakota teacher training programs.

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