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Elementary Education Degrees in Oregon

There are lots of industries that keep Oregon growing and improving. Education may well be one of the largest ones. From age four through 18, many kids spend more time with their teachers during the school year than they do with their parents. That’s why it’s important for every classroom in Oregon to have a great teacher who’s passionate about the wellbeing of their students. If you’re ready to become one of those educators, this is your chance to learn more about earning a Bachelor in elementary education.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in Oregon

Why is this the right time to start your career in elementary education? There are plenty of benefits that may come with a teaching degree and license. Check out our list of education programs in Oregon and request information from the schools that interest you.

Oregon legislators, community members, and parents work hard to make sure that schools and teachers have the resources they need. As the state works on its next budget, it has decided to allot more money to elementary education (Longview Daily News, 2017). This change can significantly impact the work of elementary school teachers. Increased funding may provide more aides for students, higher raises for teachers, and more school supplies for every classroom. As Oregon continues to make these positive changes, you may find that you have the support you need to make a difference in your classroom.

This is your chance to learn more about earning a degree in elementary education. After browsing Oregon elementary education training programs, get in touch with schools in your community.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Oregon

As you explore your options in elementary education, you have to decide which type of degree is a good fit for your career goals. For most, the answer is a Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree programs last four years, although there are some five-year programs that combine undergraduate and graduate training. By the time you graduate, you should have at least 120 credits. Roughly half of those credits come from general education coursework. Your remaining 60 to 70 credits are earned in education coursework.

Rather than focusing your efforts on the details of each academic subject area, you focus on the learning needs of children. You may discover teaching techniques that work for each subject area and learn how to tweak them to meet the needs of individual students.

Hands-on experience is mandatory in any teaching education training program. Throughout your training, plan on completing several classroom rotations. This should help you become more comfortable working alongside licensed teachers and managing a classroom. In your last semester as an undergrad student, you are assigned to a student teaching site. This is the final test of your teaching skills and knowledge.

Elementary Education Course Options in Oregon

  • Introduction to Education
  • Foundations in Elementary Education
  • Curriculum Design in Elementary Education
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Curriculum Content
  • Family, School, and Community Relations
  • Early Language and Literacy
  • Language Acquisition and Development

If you have a Bachelor’s degree, consider earning a Master’s in elementary education. These degrees last about two to three years, depending on whether you attend school full-time or part-time. This is one option for those who want to earn an elementary education online degree, since it may require you to already have classroom experience and a valid teaching license.

In Oregon, licensing goes through the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. After you pass the required Praxis II exam, you receive your Initial I Teaching License. In Oregon, aspiring elementary teachers reach the Elementary Authorization Level. This allows you to work with students through sixth grade.

This is your chance to take the first step in your teaching career. Contact Oregon colleges and universities to get started.

Working as an Elementary Educator in Oregon

In Oregon, the demand for teaching professionals is high. From 2014 through 2024, job openings for elementary educators are expected to increase 9% (O*Net, 2017). The average annual salary for an elementary school teacher is $63,390 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

Teachers in Oregon benefit from a strong community that offers educational resources, advocacy, and legislative updates. As a new teacher, look into joining the Oregon Education Association. As a member of local teaching organizations, you may be able to attend continuing education programs and start building your professional network. This may help you as you look for teaching jobs and new opportunities.

Don’t wait any longer to start working toward a teaching license! Reach out to Oregon teaching programs today to start comparing options.

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