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Elementary Education Degrees in Ohio

While looking for a career that’s suited to your goals and professional skills, you may have come across the field of teaching. Teachers are crucial to the United States, serving as role models for children while helping them discover how to think about the world. Elementary education is a particularly important part of public education, since it’s often a child’s first exposure to school. With patience, teaching research, and the right tools, you may be ready to work with children aged five to 10 in Ohio.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in Ohio

As you start to consider your educational options, you may wonder which elementary education degree is a good fit for your career goals and talents. Why not learn more now by contacting elementary education training programs in Ohio?

The field of education has had many important gains in Ohio in recent years. Teachers are supported by many types of legislation, from accountability statutes and curriculum standards to classroom limits. As a result, Ohio students have been enjoying rising test scores for several years (Dayton Daily News, 2017). These outcomes strengthen the public opinion of educators and make it easier for legislators to support additional funding for public schools. This type of support may make it must easier for teachers to hit their goals in the classroom.

This is your chance to learn more about becoming a teacher and how you can change lives in the classroom. Request information from elementary education programs today to get the ball rolling.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Ohio

For most new teaching students, a Bachelor’s degree is the most convenient way to get started in the field of teaching. To earn a Bachelor’s degree, you need to earn no fewer than 120 credits, which takes an average of eight semesters. A handful of programs are spread out over 10 semesters, allowing students to get more classroom experience.

In your Bachelor’s degree, about half of your credits come from general education classes. These cover topics in mathematics, English, and the humanities, giving you a broad base of knowledge that can serve you well when you start working as a teacher.

After you have spent one to two years doing some general education classes, you may be ready to start the teaching program. You work through a strict curriculum of teaching courses once you’re accepted, beginning with widely accepted teaching theories and moving on to more specific theories that work in elementary education.

Classroom experience is an essential component of your teacher training. You may be sent to a number of local classrooms, taking on different levels of responsibility with students.

At the end of your degree, you do a full semester of student teaching. You may be assigned to a classroom that matches the grade level you would like to work with after graduation. Because this is similar to a full-time job, you cannot take any other courses while student teaching.

 Elementary Education Course Options in Ohio

  • Introduction to Elementary Education
  • Children’s Literature
  • Emergent Literacy and Reading
  • Methods of Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Education
  • Teaching Science in Elementary Education
  • Guidance and Classroom Management
  • Diversity in Elementary Education
  • Family, School, and Community

Some students may choose to enroll in a graduate elementary education program. This degree requires a Bachelor’s degree in education, childhood development, or a similar field. You earn between 30 and 40 credits in two to four years. You may explore core elementary education theories before moving on to more advanced ideas.

Ohio has strict licensing standards for its educators. All licensing goes through the Ohio Department of Education. You must pass the elementary education Praxis II. After your application has been approved, you receive your initial Four-Year Resident Educator License.

Ready to start working toward a teaching license and a new career? Get in touch with Ohio teaching programs today to begin.

Working as an Elementary Educator in Ohio

With your elementary education degree, you may be ready to start the job search. If you did your student teaching placement at a place with job openings, you may be able to secure a job even before you have your license. This can help you build on your professional network and put your hard work to use. Overall, job growth is stable in Ohio. O*Net anticipates a 4% increase in job openings between 2014 and 2024 (2017). On average, Ohio elementary school teachers earn $59,000 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

While it’s important to get professional contacts at your place of employment, you want to take part in other networking opportunities throughout your career. Doing so may help you learn about continuing education opportunities and legislative changes. The Ohio Education Association is the largest professional organization for teachers in Ohio.

Take advantage of this opportunity to take the first step toward a teaching degree! Contact Ohio teacher education programs for more information.

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