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Elementary Education Degrees in New York

What’s the quickest and most effective way to improve society? Invest in education. While many other investments may be risky, putting time and money into education almost always pays off. That’s why education is such a high priority in the state of New York. If you’ve ever considered becoming a teacher, this is the time to explore your opportunities and learn more about teacher education programs. Whether you’re interested in earning an undergraduate or graduate program, you may be ready to start checking out New York schools.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in New York

There are lots of options for aspiring teachers in the state of New York. Want to become an elementary teacher and start working with kids from kindergarten through sixth grade? Take the first step now and reach out to top elementary education programs near you.

This could be an excellent time to begin building your career as an elementary school teacher in New York. Standardized testing has been used as the primary form of assessment for many years, but New York is starting to push back against this trend. By 2018, the state plans to cut back on standardized testing significantly, choosing to instead focus on other assessment methods (New York Daily News, 2017). This may give teachers more freedom to teach in ways that are effective for their students.

Getting the right training is key to becoming a great teacher and making a difference in your school district. Act now by reaching out to local elementary education programs.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in New York

Now that you’ve decided to pursue a degree in elementary education, it’s time to find the right degree and school for you.

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or an adult returning to school, a Bachelor’s teaching degree in New York may be the right choice for you. Bachelor’s programs are the most widely available option in New York, allowing busy students to go from freshman to elementary teaching graduate in four to five years. Most programs are designed to be finished in four years.

The first two years of your degree are similar to what any new college student may experience. You begin with general education courses in subjects like mathematics, physical sciences, humanities, and English. Once you’ve earned enough credits and maintained a high GPA, you may apply to your institution’s teaching program. The application process differs at each school, but you often need to supply references, scores from a general knowledge exam, and transcripts.

After you are accepted to the teaching program, you begin the process of learning to become a teacher. It all starts with a solid base of theory combined with classroom experience. In your first semesters of the teaching program, you may learn about current educational research, widely accepted teaching theories, and the standards of this field. In your initial classroom rotation, you may observe an experienced teacher while working one-on-one with students. This curriculum design allows you to gradually become more comfortable in a classroom setting.

Elementary Education Course Options in New York

  • Educational Computing Issues
  • Art in the Elementary School
  • Integrated Teaching of Mathematics
  • Integrated Teaching of Science
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching of Social Studies
  • Literacy Studies
  • Mathematical Concepts

Throughout your degree, you should learn how to teach all academic subjects to students of different ages and learning needs. As you build up your skills with different classes, you get the chance to put them to work in different classroom rotations. Not only is this experience important for your teaching skills, it gives you a chance to decide which grades you’d like to teach after graduation.

Your degree culminates in a semester of student teaching, the most in-depth classroom teaching assignment you get throughout your entire degree. During this semester, you do not take any other courses. You dedicate your time to your assigned classroom, where you eventually take on full teaching responsibilities.

After you have finished your elementary education degree, you may apply for your license and get on the path to working as a teacher. Teacher licensure is supervised by the New York State Education Department. They use their own set of teacher examinations. You must take the childhood education New York State Teacher Certification Examination. Once that’s finished, you get an initial license that lasts for five years.

Starting your career as a teacher is a huge accomplishment. Not only may teaching be personally rewarding for you, it may improve the lives of those around you. You may empower parents to take an active role in their children’s education and show kids that they have the potential to learn.

This is your time to change the future of your career. Get in touch with New York elementary education programs today to explore your options.

Working as an Elementary Educator in New York

As the demand for teachers grows across the country, New York has seen a steady increase in teaching job openings. From 2014 through 2024, O*Net anticipates a 3% increase in job openings for elementary school teachers (2017). Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an elementary school teacher is $77,330 per year (2017). A lot depends on which school district you work for; in urban areas, salaries tend to be significantly higher. As you gain seniority and become more experienced, you may see your earning potential increase.

Each state has plenty of resources for new and experienced teachers. As you build your career in New York, look into joining groups like the New York State United Teachers. This association accepts teachers of all specialized subject areas and grade levels. As a member, you may get the chance to attend local continuing education programs. This is particularly beneficial when you need to renew your license. Members also get to attend professional networking events.

Becoming a teacher is a great way to do meaningful work and have a long-lasting impact on your community. Get the ball rolling now by requesting information from New York teaching programs.

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