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Elementary Education Degrees in Indiana

As one of the largest states in the Midwest, Indiana is an extremely important state for the education industry. It is home to a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas, so educational leaders must meet the teaching needs of all of these areas.

Whether you want to work with low-income students who deserve to reach their potential or private school students who face different social and learning challenges, your journey to an elementary school teaching career may begin right now. By comparing different options for your degree in elementary education, you can find a college or university that may put you on the path to teaching licensure.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in Indiana

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Indiana’s commitment to education can be seen in many ways. Thanks to increasingly higher standards and support for educators, Indiana has improved teaching outcomes for several years in a row. In fact, a national study found that Indiana ranked among the top of the nation for its elementary and secondary schools (NWI Times, 2017). In addition, Indiana has a strong state government, so educators benefit from the support and funding they need to make a difference in schools. This may help you get the supplies you need, petition for funding for low-income schools, and get fair compensation as an educator.

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Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Indiana

Education is the foundation of a teaching degree. Not only is it important for you to have a strong academic base, your education shows off your commitment to and belief in education. Perhaps you have an Associate’s degree or you have never attended a postsecondary institution.

If so, a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education could be exactly what you’re looking for. This degree combines teaching skills, a knowledge of childhood development, and an overall general education that makes you well-versed in common academic topics. All in all, you need 120 to 130 credits at the undergraduate level. Up to 60 credits are made up of general education classes, like those in mathematics, social sciences, social studies, physical sciences, and English.

The remainder of your courses are specifically for aspiring teachers. You learn about the educational system as a whole, your role in it as an elementary educator, and the factors that help students learn and grow while under your care.

Elementary Education Course Options in Indiana

  • Concepts of Number and Operations
  • Music in the Education of Children
  • Education in a Multicultural Society
  • Visual Arts in Elementary Schools
  • Children’s Literature

Don’t underestimate the importance of classroom experience. You need to spend time with hundreds of different students to truly become comfortable with your role in a school. For that reason, you may have classroom assignments nearly every semester that you are a teaching student.

You really put your skills to the test in your final semester as an undergraduate student, when you work underneath an experienced elementary teacher as a student teacher. Throughout this semester, use the feedback you get from your supervising teacher to improve your skills and become a greater asset to your future employer. By spending one entire semester in the same classroom, you have a chance to forge deeper bonds with students and see their growth over a longer period of time.

You may be interested in financial aid options, particularly if you are interested in attending one of Indiana’s private colleges or universities. Many top elementary education programs in Indiana have private scholarship programs for high-performing students or those with financial need.

The Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship is one option to explore. You must be accepted to a teaching program before accepting an education scholarship, so you may need to earn between 30 and 60 credits before getting this type of aid. Some parts of Indiana have loan forgiveness programs for graduates who work in high-need school districts.

Licensure is regulated by the Indiana Department of Education. The licensing process is fairly straightforward and similar to what you may find in other states. After passing the mandatory PRAXIS exams, you earn your Initial Practitioner License. Before you apply for your Proficient Practitioner License, you must go through a two-year apprenticeship program while working as a teacher.

Now that you know a bit more about what it takes to earn a teaching degree in Indiana, are you ready to take the plunge? As a teacher, you may be a positive figure in children’s lives, help kids believe in themselves, and empower kids to love learning.

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Working as an Elementary Educator in Indiana

Finally, all your hard work pays off! Once you have your teaching license and your Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, your career may be waiting for you. If you used your time well, you used your final semester in school to stay abreast of job openings and opportunities throughout Indiana. As a result, you should be ready to apply for jobs, negotiate, and get started in a district that is aligned with your teaching philosophy and goals.

Getting a job isn’t the only important task you have after graduating. You also need to start building your professional network as a new teacher. Experienced teachers have a wealth of knowledge, and they are generally more than happy to share it with new teachers like you. Look into joining the Indiana State Teachers Association to broaden your horizons as a teacher.

Education is a stable industry in Indiana, which may benefit you when you start applying for job openings. From 2014 through 2024, demand for elementary school teachers may swell 7% throughout Indiana (O*Net, 2017). Currently, the average salary for an Indiana elementary school teacher is $49,870 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

Make the choice today to start working toward an elementary education degree.

An education career may put you in a position to help students love learning and discover their strengths.

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