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Elementary Education Degrees in Idaho

Legislators are always asking themselves how they can improve the future of their constituents and their area. Time and time again, the answer turns out to be education. Providing high-quality education to all children is linked to higher income levels, improved health, and greater quality of life.

While teachers are needed at all levels, you may be able to make a huge difference by becoming an elementary school teacher. At this level, students have a lot to learn about interaction, friendship, and the value of learning, all of which you can help them understand.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in Idaho

Is elementary education the right field for you? If you have lots of patience and you enjoy working with children of all different needs and personalities, you may be a great fit for this field.

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Why is this the time that you should pursue an elementary education degree in Idaho? There are several reasons. First, the sooner you start studying, the sooner you may be able to start working. Second, Idaho legislators have significantly boosted spending in elementary schools in recent years (Idaho Ed News, 2017). State legislators approved the spending of $695 million in Idaho schools, which includes the creation of several new elementary schools throughout the state. Once these schools have been built, Idaho may have a boost in demand for elementary school teachers who can use the latest research in their teaching plans.

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Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Idaho

The process of becoming an elementary school teacher is fairly long, but you can save yourself a significant amount of time and effort by planning ahead. Educators in Idaho need at least a Bachelor’s degree to become licensed. Further, you must earn your degree at an accredited institution to qualify for a teaching license. Elementary education students major in education and may minor in an academic field, although a minor is not required at all Idaho schools.

First, you choose a school you want to attend and get accepted to the institution as a whole. From there, you start working on your 50 to 60 required credits of general education, which covers topics like mathematics, English, and social studies.

Once you have earned a set amount of credits and you have kept your GPA above the minimum, you can take the initial PRAXIS test, which assesses your general knowledge and potential for teaching. Use this to apply to the teaching program. After starting your teaching degree, you may work through a rigorous curriculum of education courses.

Elementary Education Course Options in Idaho

  • Literature for Children Across the Curriculum
  • Elementary Math Methods
  • Elementary Science Methods
  • Social Science Methods
  • Health Education Methods in Elementary Schools

Earning an elementary education degree takes between four and five years, since you must amass at least 120 credits by graduation. During each semester, you may have some classroom experience requirements to meet. In your first few semesters, this may be just a few hours per week. It adds up until you are ready to do your semester of student teaching. As a student teacher, you are in your assigned classroom full-time. The feedback and assessments you get from your supervising teacher may influence your job prospects, your ability to graduate, and the grades you earn in your student teaching course.

You may qualify for many different scholarships as you earn your Bachelor’s degree. The James and Rose Helebrant Education Scholarship, awarded by the Idaho Community Foundation, is only open to education majors.

Another option to consider is a Master’s in elementary education. This is only an option for students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. You may receive your license after two to three years of full-time study at the graduate level. While most education programs do require conventional in-person class attendance, you may find that a handful of graduate programs offer elementary education online degree options.

You may apply for your license after earning your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in elementary education. Through the Idaho State Board of Education, you schedule your PRAXIS exams and submit your proof of postsecondary education. They award you your initial license after they have proof that you meet all licensing requirements.

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Working as an Elementary Educator in Idaho

At the conclusion of your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in elementary education, you may be eager to start your career and start making your mark on Idaho classrooms. Take the time to compare job openings as you near graduation, since you want to choose a position that utilizes your education and reflects the age group you want to work with.

If you impress your supervisor and administrator as a student teacher, you may be offered a position at your student teaching site. You may start to apply to jobs before you receive your license, but you must have your license before you begin working.

Consider joining local professional organizations to connect with other teachers, stay on top of legislative updates, and attend networking and continuing education events. One of the largest organizations in Idaho is the Idaho Education Association.

Job growth for elementary educators is expected to be positive throughout the United States, but it is particularly bright in Idaho. The average salary for an Idaho elementary educator is $47,260 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Between 2014 and 2024, job openings for elementary educators are expected to swell 16% in Idaho (O*Net, 2017).

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