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Elementary Education Degrees in Georgia

How can you use your career to not only improve life for Georgia residents today, but improve your community for decades after you stop working? The answer: become a teacher. Teachers are some of the most influential people in children’s lives. In fact, during the week, teachers typically spend more time with children than parents do.

Teachers who use the latest evidence, adapt their techniques to fit each student’s needs, and are truly invested in their students’ success can start a chain reaction that helps students grow up to pursue higher education, start rewarding careers, and become involved parents.

Becoming an Elementary School Teacher in Georgia

If you work well with young children and you understand the importance of education at a young age, elementary education is a field that could really use your dedication.

Learn more about your degree options by contacting top elementary education programs in Georgia.

Georgia, like many other Southern states, is largely rural. This presents additional challenges to teachers and administrators, since rural school districts may not have the resources of urban ones. Additionally, it can be difficult for children to get to school if their nearest school is still quite far from home. However, through the efforts of educators, school enrollment rates in Georgia have increased steadily several years in a row, allowing teachers to do their part in providing high-quality education to all students (Macon, 2016).

Are you ready to start working toward a degree in elementary education?

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Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Georgia

As you start to compare schools, you may find that there are many different factors and options to consider. By nature, education is a hands-on field, so many schools only offer traditional degree programs with in-person courses. To meet the needs of rural students and those with other obligations, a growing number of colleges and universities are offering elementary education online degree programs. Through this type of program, you can complete theory classes online while still getting the classroom experience you need at local schools.

The other factor to consider is which type of degree you want to earn. Bachelor’s degree programs are the most widely available option, since they are designed for new students without prior college experience. If you have a Bachelor’s degree and you would like to take your education to the next level while working toward certification, you may want to learn more about Master’s in elementary education programs.

If you decide to go with a Bachelor’s program, plan on spending about four years in school. This type of degree covers a huge variety of education topics, giving you the skills and knowledge needed to start teaching independently after graduation. Of course, classroom experience is what helps you become a confident educator.

By the time you reach graduation, you should have several hundred hours of classroom experience behind you. This includes an entire semester of student teaching, during which you work with the same teacher all semester long and use his or her feedback to strengthen your teaching skills.

Coursework in Elementary Education

  • Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Foundations of Numbers and Operations
  • Music for Early and Middle Grades
  • Teaching Reading in the Early Grades
  • Diagnosis and Application of Literacy Instruction
  • Child Development and Early Learning
  • Curriculum and Assessment
  • Education of Exceptional Students

Teacher licensure is regulated by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. They use the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators in their licensing process. You must pass the elementary exams and have your application approved before earning your license.

There are many options for students interested in the field of elementary education.

Discover which options are right for you by contacting Georgia schools on the list below.

Working as an Elementary Educator in Georgia

Your degree in elementary education should give you the expertise you need to step confidently into any elementary school classroom and begin teaching. Throughout Georgia, the demand for elementary school teachers is on the rise. O*Net predicts an 18% increase in elementary school teaching jobs by the year 2024 (2016). The average annual salary for an elementary school teacher in Georgia is $53,610 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

Networking is important in any career, but it is the cornerstone of a community-based field like teaching. Look into joining the Georgia Association of Educators to start your teaching career on solid footing.

This is the time to make a career decision that can change your future.

Request information from elementary education teaching programs to start your journey toward certification.

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