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Elementary Education Degrees in Washington, D.C.

Washington DC is the center of public education. It’s where policy decisions are made, rolled out, and evaluated. If you want to become a teacher and change the face of education in the United States, Washington DC is the place to be. This area has a large population and many well-known schools, all of which rely on licensed teachers. At a local elementary teacher program, you may take the first steps toward earning your license and starting your career.

Becoming an Elementary Teacher in District of Columbia

In the District of Columbia, there are many accredited colleges and universities that help aspiring teachers get the ball rolling on their new career. Check out our list of elementary education programs and find out which one is right for you by contacting them today.

When you decide to start working in Washington DC, you may enjoy many benefits that come with working in the nation’s capital. Washington DC is where advocates and policymakers come together to make education decisions for the entire country. By working in this region, you may get to be part of initiatives that change education standards in the United States. For example, several Washington DC schools are part of a new science education program (Laboratory Equipment, 2017). This program hopes to change how science is taught and make it a more appealing subject for students of all ages.

Education is a major part of becoming a renowned elementary school teacher. Start exploring your educational options right now by reaching out to Washington DC teaching programs.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in District of Columbia

The first step to earning an elementary education degree is figuring out which degree fits your current level of education. For most students, this means a Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree is a popular option for high school graduates and those checking out postsecondary education for the first time. In total, a Bachelor’s degree includes 120 credits. During your teaching courses, you may delve into teaching theory and learn tactics for applying theory to classroom situations.

However, you don’t just think about ways to apply theory to the classroom; you actually try them out. From the very first semester that you’re a teaching student, you begin completing classroom rotations in Washington DC schools. By working individually with students and working up to full teaching responsibilities, you may learn how to work independently as a teacher.

Your final semester as an undergraduate student is spent student teaching. Student teachers work the same hours as licensed teachers, so this is an excellent introduction to the real lives of classroom teachers.

Elementary Education Course Options in District of Columbia

  • Children and Youth in Urban Schools
  • Foundations of Education
  • Education of Exceptional Children
  • Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools
  • Teaching Math in Elementary Schools
  • Teaching Science in Elementary Schools
  • Methods and Materials for Teaching Language Arts
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to go through an alternative licensure program. This utilizes your previous education and puts you through classroom rotations to help you become licensed in less than a year. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in education, you may enter a graduate program and do most of your elementary education degree online.

Before you can start working as a teacher, you have to apply for teacher certification in Washington DC through the Office of the State Superintendent of Education. They verify your education and your passing Praxis II scores before awarding you a Washington DC teaching license.

This is your chance to make waves in your community as a teacher. Touch base with local teacher education programs to start evaluating your options.


Working as an Elementary Educator in District of Columbia

Washington DC, though a small area, has an extremely high population density. For that reason, this small area is home to many public and private schools. With your connections from classroom practicum courses and student teaching, you may be able to explore job openings at many of these schools. Through the year 2024, demand for elementary school teachers may hit 5% in Washington DC (O*Net, 2017). Across the District of Columbia, the average salary for an elementary school teacher is $74,710 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

Since this is the capital of the United States, there are many national organizations headquartered here. As a new teacher, take advantage of the resources offered by the National Education Association. This group may help you connect with local teachers, as well as those from across the country.

You know what it takes to become a teacher in Washington DC. Make today the day that you explore a new career; contact teacher training programs to get more information on teaching degrees.

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