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Elementary Education Degrees in Delaware

Few industries have the power to change society as much as education. When you think about it, every other industry hinges on the performance of education. Children who are learning shapes, colors, and numbers today are someday going to be the decision makers of Delaware.

Providing children with a high-quality elementary school education helps them begin this journey on the right foot. If you are interested in a career that changes children’s lives and gives back to your community, education may be an option for you.

Becoming an Elementary School Teacher in Delaware

What personality traits do teachers need?

How are teachers assessed?

What training do they need to start working?

There’s a lot to consider as you select an elementary teacher program, which is why you should reach out to Delaware schools below to learn more.

Elementary school teachers are a huge part of the education system in this state. They are often the first professionals to have a chance to identify learning issues in children and solve them before they become more severe. This is particularly important in Delaware, where legislators are focusing on closing the achievement gap between Delaware students (Delaware Online, 2016). This gap begins early and increases as a result of income inequalities, family makeup, and other socioeconomic differences.

An elementary education degree could be the key to a rewarding, meaningful career for you.

Use the list of schools below to request information from programs that catch your eye.

Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Delaware

Unless you already have a Bachelor’s degree, in which case you may be interested in graduate teacher training programs, it’s likely that a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education is the first step in your chosen career path.

As a Bachelor’s degree student, you start your education with general education courses in topics like science, mathematics, and history. You may apply to the teaching program in your sophomore or junior year, at which point you may be assessed by your GPA, your test scores, and your references. When you begin your teaching courses, you discover how children learn, which teaching methods work in each subject, the differences between grade levels, and the use of technology in the classroom.

Elementary Education Teacher Courses

  • Human Development in Grades K-8
  • Elementary Curriculum: Math
  • Elementary Curriculum: Science
  • Elementary Curriculum: Social Studies
  • Integrating Technology in Education
  • Classroom Management for Social and Emotional Learning
  • Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners

As you work through this curriculum, you should make progress on the learning outcomes and goals of your chosen program. These learning goals often focus on your knowledge of childhood development, ability to communicate with other educators, ability to apply teaching theories in the classroom, and problem-solving skills. Clearly, many of these competencies can only be tested in elementary school classrooms.

From your first semester as a teaching student, you may complete rotations at nearby elementary schools in different grades. Your final teaching experience comes from your semester of student teaching, which assesses your ability to fully utilize your new teaching skills in a classroom setting.

Before you start working, you must have an elementary education teaching license. The Delaware Department Of Education verifies your transcripts and administers the Core Academic Skills exam before awarding your teaching license.

This is the time to dedicate your career to an exciting and growing field that has the potential to strengthen your community.

Get in touch with advisors at local teaching programs to begin.

Working as an Elementary Educator in Delaware

As you prepare to start your teaching career, you may find that Delaware is an excellent place to get established and make a difference. The job outlook in this state is positive, so you may be able to compare job opportunities to find an opening that suits your skills. Through the year 2024, O*Net anticipates a 9% boost in job openings for elementary school teachers (2016). The average income for a Delaware elementary school teacher is $60,250 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

With how quickly education changes, it is essential to have access to legislative updates, changes in teaching standards, and new training opportunities. Joining the Delaware State Education Association as a new teacher can help you stay on top of local changes and events.

Now that you know how a teaching degree can change your life, it’s time to act.

Contact elementary education programs listed below to start working toward a teaching degree.

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