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Elementary Education Degrees in California

California’s educational needs are always changing. As one of the largest states in the country, California needs its educational system to fit students of different socioeconomic backgrounds, native languages, and academic skills. The elementary school system is an important part of this, since it assists children through some of the most critical stages of development.

If you pursue California teacher certification, you may improve the lives of students all over the state.

Becoming an Elementary School Teacher in California

If you feel that elementary teaching is your calling, why not start working toward your goals now? You could be on the path to a teaching degree as soon as next semester.

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In California, educators are getting the help they need to assist students in reaching their full potential. Throughout California, schools have received the funding and materials they need to hold monthly STEM parent-student nights (Education Dive, 2016). These nights teach kids and parents how to code, one of the most essential skills in today’s workforce. By hosting programs like this one, elementary school teachers can encourage strong parent-child bonds and help kids build valuable skills for the workplace.

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Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in California

California is home to dozens of universities and colleges that provide students with the chance to earn an elementary school teaching degree. As you compare options, you may find that most California schools require conventional in-person course attendance.

However, if you’re interested in earning your elementary education degree online, there are programs you can consider. These programs significantly reduce the amount of time spent in theory courses, allowing you to finish your assignments and exams when they suit your schedule. To become a certified teacher, you do still have to meet classroom teaching hour requirements, which you may set up with your program advisor.

Elementary Education Coursework

  • Educational Research Design
  • Child Development in Education
  • Social Development in Education
  • Ethics and Education
  • Theories and Pedagogies of Education
  • Family, School, and Community in Elementary Learning
  • Foundations of Elementary Education
  • Mathematics Instruction in Elementary Classrooms

Most students begin their teaching career with a Bachelor’s in elementary education. You may earn between 120 and 140 credits over a period of four to five years, during which time you spend hundreds of hours in California classrooms. Your education should include teaching techniques for various academic subjects and current research in the field of teaching. Master’s-level programs are available for students who have Bachelor’s degrees in relevant areas, as are alternative certification programs that lead to teaching licensure.

After you complete your degree, you should have the knowledge you need to get your license. This process goes through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. They require that you pass the elementary-level California Subject Examinations for Teachers. You may apply for licensure and schedule your exams before you graduate, but you are not allowed to work as a teacher until you have a teaching license.

By using the list of elementary education degree programs below, you can find the elementary teacher program that accommodates your schedule and learning goals.

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Working as an Elementary Educator in California

Overall, the future looks bright for educators in California. Demand for teachers varies quite a bit between counties and school districts, which is why it’s essential to begin looking into job openings prior to graduation. From 2014 through 2024, job openings for elementary school teachers are expected to increase 10% in California (O*Net, 2016). The average annual salary for a California elementary school teacher is $72,360 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

As a student, you may get to know other aspiring teachers very well. It’s also essential to find experienced teachers whom you can rely on for assistance and advice. Joining the California Teachers Association is an excellent way to start your career off on a positive note.

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