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Elementary Education Degrees in Arkansas

Are you patient, creative, and good at communicating with children? You may have considered the benefits of a career in education. Once they begin elementary school, many students spend more time with their classroom teacher than with their own parents, so it is important for kids to have access to dedicated, hard-working teachers.

With a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and an elementary education teaching license in Arkansas, you may legally teach grades kindergarten through sixth grade.

Becoming an Elementary School Teacher in Arkansas

If you’re considering a teaching career, a degree in elementary education is your first step.

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A significant part of your time spent as an education student is devoted to learning the teaching competencies of your chosen grade levels. As an aspiring elementary school teacher, you have to meet the educator competencies of the Arkansas State Board Of Education. Competencies for kindergarten through sixth grade focus on foundational reading skills, literature reading skills, writing, math skills, social studies, and scientific knowledge.

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Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Arkansas

As you compare top elementary education programs in Arkansas, you have to consider which option is the best fit for you: a traditional certification program or an alternative certification program. The traditional path to teacher certification begins with a Bachelor’s degree, an undergraduate degree that includes 120 credits of teaching courses and general education coursework.

Your education should include training in classroom management, teaching strategies for young learners, and identifying unique learning needs in the elementary classroom. As you tackle different topics in your courses, you put your knowledge to the test by getting experience in Arkansas classrooms. The more time you spend with real Arkansas students, the more efficiently you may be able to meet district standards and tailor your teaching techniques to each student.

Elementary Education Coursework

  • Technology in Education
  • Literacy in America
  • Development and Learning Theories in the K-6 Classroom
  • Classroom Learning Theory
  • Literacy Strategies for Elementary Level Learners
  • Arts Integration in the Classroom
  • Essentials of Literacy
  • Mathematics Methods in the K-6 Classroom

This all builds up to your student teaching experience, which lasts an entire semester and puts you in one assigned classroom for up to 15 weeks. The feedback and recommendations you get as a student teacher may benefit you as you start your career, so it’s important to form a good relationship with your supervising teacher.

Of course, there are other certification options to consider. Master’s in elementary education programs are popular amongst students who already have Bachelor’s degrees. With two years of additional education, you may be able to apply for elementary teacher certification.

Most teacher education programs require full-time enrollment, since so much classroom time is involved with this degree. However, there are elementary education online degree programs for busy students or those who do not live near a physical campus. If you go this route, you may be able to complete your theory coursework online and get your classroom experience at a local approved school.

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Working as an Elementary Educator in Arkansas

Before starting your career, you need a valid teaching license. The Arkansas State Board Of Education requires that you pass two Praxis II exams and provide official transcripts before your application is approved.

The field of education is quite stable in Arkansas, making this an excellent place to get established as a teacher. By 2024, statewide demand for elementary school teachers is expected to increase 5% (O*Net, 2016). The average salary for an Arkansas elementary school teacher is $45,120 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

There are many professional resources you can take advantage of as a new teacher to shorten the learning curve of a new career. You may want to join the Arkansas Education Association to get access to exclusive training events, networking opportunities, and legislative updates.

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