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Elementary Education Degrees in Arizona

When a community invests in education, it invests in the future of society as a whole. Children who develop critical thinking skills and learn to love the process of learning are better equipped to take on higher education, successful career roles, and family roles.

Earning an elementary education degree and learning about the specific needs of children aged 4 to 12 can put you in a position to strengthen the future of Arizona and give kids a positive start in life. 

Becoming an Elementary School Teacher in Arizona

 With the list of top elementary education programs in Arizona below, you can learn more about teacher certification programs near you.

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Teachers in Arizona are part of a large and well-established community that empowers educators to meet the needs of their students. In Arizona, there is plenty of support for educators from legislators and community leaders. The Arizona superintendent of schools recently developed a creative and aggressive plan to increase teaching salaries, allot more money for classroom supplies, and ensure that teachers have the tools they need to address their students’ unique learning challenges (KYMA, 2016).

The first step to earning a degree in elementary education is finding the right school for you.

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Getting Your Elementary Education Degree in Arizona

 There are several licensure paths you may follow to become a licensed Arizona teacher. The most commonly used option is the traditional certification path. This involves earning a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education at an approved Arizona school and passing the required teaching exams. Earning a Bachelor’s degree takes the average student four years of study, since schools require no fewer than 120 credits for graduation. Some Arizona teaching programs require closer to 140 credits.

As a new student, you do not begin your teaching classes right away. First, you take general academic courses to build your GPA and demonstrate your general ability to learn. Once you have enough credits and your GPA is sufficiently high, you can take the general education knowledge exam and apply for acceptance to a teaching program.

From there, you move into a strictly scheduled curriculum that covers the teaching competencies of Arizona and offers thorough education in your chosen age group. You may complete teaching rotations in a variety of Arizona classrooms, since you need several hundred hours of experience to qualify for teaching licensure. The most substantial part of your teaching experience comes from student teaching. This comes at the end of your degree, so it requires you to combine everything you have learned and demonstrate your ability to tackle the challenges of classroom teaching. 

Elementary Education Coursework

  • Educational Psychology
  • Foundation of Schools in a Diverse Society
  • Elementary Mathematics Methods
  • Elementary Science Methods
  • Elementary Language Arts Methods
  • Elementary Social Studies Methods 

 With your teaching degree in Arizona, you can apply for licensure. This process goes through the Arizona Department of Education. To get your license, you must pass the Subject Knowledge Elementary Education exam.This allows you to teach at any public or private elementary school in Arizona.

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Working as an Elementary Educator in Arizona

 The job outlook in Arizona is much stronger than it is in many other states. From 2014 through 2024, O*Net anticipates a 20% increase in job openings for elementary school teachers in Arizona (2016). On average, elementary school teachers in this state earn $41,940 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

Whether you teach kindergarten, sixth grade, or a grade somewhere in the middle, the first year of a teaching career is a major learning experience. By connecting with experienced teachers and turning to them for advice, you may be able to quickly solve classroom issues, meet the learning needs of your class, and use your time efficiently. Joining the Arizona Education Association can help you build a strong professional network. Membership also comes with many other benefits.

This is the perfect time to find out where you fit in the field of education and how you can make a difference.

Browse the list of teacher education programs in Arizona and contact schools that can help you get on the right path.