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Education Specialist Degrees in Wyoming

The more a state invests in education, the more consistently its school systems and teachers can meet and exceed teaching standards. Education changes rapidly, due to the amount of research conducted in this industry. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to make sure you are up-to-date on new research and teaching standards that implement current research. Earning an advanced degree can shift your perspective and give you more techniques to use in your classroom. With a post-Master’s degree, you may even qualify for positions in administration and leadership.

Role of Educators With an Ed.S Degree in Wyoming

An education specialist degree is an excellent option for Wyoming teachers who want to stay actively involved in a school setting, rather than working in research. Keep reading to learn more about this degree and contact Wyoming schools below to check out your options.

Wyoming teachers benefit from a strong support system that values public education throughout the state. In Wyoming, several companies have invested significant amounts of money in Wyoming school districts (Tribune, 2016). This money is to be used to improve academic outcomes, increase kindergarten readiness rates, and provide more free books to emerging readers.

This can really benefit you as an education specialist. Wyoming will shortly implement new science standards, as they have not been updated for close to 10 years (Wyoming Public Media, 2016). This move was unanimously supported by legislators, so this may be an excellent time to learn more about science education. An advanced degree can prepare you to teach to the new standards.

No matter which subject you would like to teach, you may find that an education specialist degree can put you in a good position to achieve your goals. Request information from Wyoming programs below.

Getting Your Educational Specialist Degree in Wyoming

One of the main benefits of pursuing an Ed.S is the diverse range of subjects it covers. Because you can earn a specialist degree in almost any field of teaching or administration, you can use this opportunity to shape your career in any area that interests you. Some of the options currently available at Wyoming colleges and universities are listed below:

  • Gifted and Creative Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Instruction and Assessment
  • Early Childhood Education

Within each area of specialty, there’s a set curriculum that builds on Master’s-level coursework and expands on important areas of theory. This understanding of theory is then used to create a valuable set of practical classroom skills. In general, you need to complete about 30 credits to get an education specialist degree. In most schools, this process takes two years. Part-time options may allow you to spread your courses out over a greater period of time. If you plan on studying instruction and assessment, you may take classes like:

  • Learner-Centered Curriculum
  • Program Evaluation
  • Data-Driven Instruction and Assessment
  • Curriculum Design for Educational Improvement
  • Promoting the Success of Students
  • Research Theory, Design and Analysis

Specific areas of classroom instruction require more focused coursework. If you want to teach reading at the elementary or secondary school level, your curriculum may include classes like:

  • The Language and Literacy Continuum
  • Learning Experiences in Supportive Environments
  • Assessment Practices for Healthy Development and Learning
  • Evaluating and Supporting Early Childhood Programs
  • Informed Advocacy in Education
  • Child Development in Early Years

When you’re a teacher and you work during conventional class times, it can be difficult to go back to school. However, education specialist degree WY options try to accommodate working teachers by offering online and blended course options. If you currently work at a school, you may be able to meet your practical experience requirements within your current district.

Furthermore, staying in your school district may open you up to new funding opportunities. Some schools assist teachers earning advanced degrees with tuition assistance and tuition reimbursement programs. Keep in mind that this opportunity may require you to stay with your current district for a set amount of time.

Regardless of the subject you study, an education specialist degree can benefit tons of people. Your students get the advantage of a more highly educated and trained teacher, which can greatly increase their learning opportunities and options. Your district may have you train and work with new teachers to more rapidly increase the teaching workforce in your area. Your success may encourage other teachers to return to school, which benefits the entire education system of Wyoming.

Working With an Education Specialist Degree in Wyoming

At all times, keep your teaching license valid through the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board. They regulate your day-to-day teaching work, as well as other school positions you may take after earning this degree. If you do need a new license before you can use your degree, start the application process before you graduate.
Whether you want to go into administration, counseling, or another area of teaching, your advanced degree may make you a great employment prospect. Some job options are listed below, along with expected job growth through 2022 and the average salary in Wyoming:

  • School administrator: 7% expected growth (O*Net, 2016); $94,070 average salary (BLS, 2016)
  • Instructional coordinator: 13% expected growth (O*Net, 2016); $65,770 average salary (BLS, 2016)
  • Secondary school teacher: 8% expected growth (O*Net, 2016); $58,560 average salary (BLS, 2016)

Even if you have been quiet in the teaching community before, an education specialist degree may encourage you to take on a more active role. Get involved with groups like the Wyoming Education Association, as well as groups that are unique to your area of study, such as the Wyoming Foreign Language Teachers Association.

Imagine the thousands of lives you could improve with the right training and education. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, reach out to Ed.S programs below for more information.