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Education Specialist Degrees in Rhode Island

The quality of a state’s education system can have a direct impact on the state’s economic growth, quality of life for residents, and other measures of societal success. You likely chose to become a teacher because of the potential of this career to influence young minds. As the field of teaching evolves, it’s important that teachers stay up-to-date on research and evidence-based techniques.

By pursuing an Ed.S degree, you can delve into the theories, techniques, and studies that set your area of study apart. This post-Master’s degree aims to help working teachers expand their skill set and prepare for additional leadership responsibilities inside and outside the classroom.

Role of Educators With an Ed.S Degree in Rhode Island

Are you devoted to improving your competence as a teacher and helping your students succeed?

Reach out to schools on the list below to find out how an education specialist degree can help you.

While Rhode Island is successful in many educational measures, it does lag in some areas. Out of 43 states assessed, Rhode Island was 41st in terms of preschool enrollment (EdWeek, 2016). Preschool enrollment is a significant predictor of future academic and career success, and boosting preschool enrollment is one way that Rhode Island educators can contribute to a brighter future.

One crucial area of teaching is public opinion. Even if public opinion is influenced by incorrect facts, teachers need the support and trust of Rhode Island parents. With the vast majority of Rhode Island citizens believing that the state overuses standardized testing, you can use your position as an education specialist to encourage collaboration between teachers and parents (Providence Journal, 2016).

With an Ed.S degree, you can start to study the challenges and needs of modern education systems. Request information from Rhode Island schools to find out more.

Getting Your Educational Specialist Degree in Rhode Island

Finding the right degree program for your previous education and experience is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself succeed. Luckily, education specialist programs are often online-based. Since these programs primarily attract working teachers, online courses allow students to continue teaching full-time while advancing their education. However, keep in mind that you do need to complete your practical experience requirements at an approved nearby location.

The topic you choose determines your courses and how long you are in school. Some topics available at Rhode Island schools include:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Reading Specialist
  • Elementary Education
  • School Psychology

If you are drawn to multiple areas of study, compare curricular requirements to figure out exactly what you can learn in each program. School psychology is a popular option around the United States, as it combines educational theory with psychology and child development. This specialty tends to require much more practical experience than other options.

Some of the school psychology courses you may take include:

  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Professional School Psychology
  • Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Family Counseling Theory and Practice
  • Academic Instruction, Interventions, and Supports

If you select a field that is based in classroom teaching, you may find that you take more high-level courses that directly relate to your specialty. In a curriculum for a reading specialist program, you may find courses like:

  • Literacy Research
  • Research-Based Literacy Practices
  • Assessment of Reading and Writing Difficulties
  • Clinical Experience in Literacy Education
  • Leadership for Literacy Professionals
  • Preparing Strategic Readers
  • Reading Across the Curriculum

Not only do experience requirements vary between institutions, they vary between programs within each institution. For example, school psychology may require over 2000 hours of supervised experience, due to the fact that licensed teachers do not typically have professional counseling experience. However, a classroom specialty like elementary education may only require one semester of student teaching.

The education specialist degree is relatively new in this field, so you have the chance to use it to improve education in Rhode Island. You may find that you are more confident in your teaching skills upon graduating, which can help you be more engaged in the classroom and positively influence other teachers. In addition, achieving an advanced degree may qualify you for new job titles and promotions.

Working With an Education Specialist Degree in Rhode Island

Throughout your degree program, keep your teaching license valid through the Rhode Island Department of Education. This government agency regulates all teaching and educational careers, so you also need to apply for licensure through them if you plan on changing your career path in this field.

Depending on the experience you get in your program and which type of degree you pursue, you may look into leadership, teaching, and curriculum positions.

A sampling of options is listed below with expected job growth through 2022 and average salary information:

  • School administrator: 30 jobs per year expected growth (O*Net, 2016); $103,490average salary (BLS, 2016)
  • Instructional coordinator: 7% expected growth (O*Net, 2016); $55,070 average salary (BLS, 2016)
  • Elementary school teacher: 6% expected growth (O*Net, 2016); $66,160
    average salary (BLS, 2016)

One of the main reasons that this degree was developed was the lack of leaders in the teaching community. This field requires cooperation and teamwork, but without leaders and mentors, it can be difficult for new teachers to master their craft. As an education specialist, don’t be afraid to use your experience to teach and mentor new education professionals.

You may benefit from joining general and specialized professional organizations, such as the National Education Association of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Science Teachers Association.

As a graduate-level teacher, you are clearly committed to the future of your students. Take it one step further with advanced teacher degrees in Rhode Island.

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