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Education Specialist Degrees in Maine

Education is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. As a teaching professional, you have to follow local statutes and standards, statewide standards, and federal expectations and guidelines. While this is a big task, it can help you prepare students for success in the rest of their lives.

As one of the largest states in New England, Maine serves as an example for other states in this region. Furthering your education with an education specialist degree can benefit far more people than just yourself and your students.

Role of Educators With an Ed.S Degree in Maine

What kind of future do you see for the state of Maine? Today’s students will create the future, for better or for worse. Do your best to help students reach their full potential—learn more about earning an education specialist degree online or in person.

Depending on your selected area of study and your skills, you may use this advanced degree to better connect with students, affect legislation in education, or take on challenging leadership roles. A new Maine program intends to help students transition smoothly from middle school to high school, a transition that often causes anxiety, poor academic performance, and social difficulties (EdWeek, 2016). Through this program, teachers review student files with other teachers, provide extra attention to students who may be struggling, and develop plans for students who are not reaching their academic potential.

Being an education specialist also means advocating for your students and your fellow teachers, even if that means promoting an unpopular opinion. Throughout the state of Maine, teachers are voicing their criticisms of the state’s standardized exams (Bangor Daily News, 2016). With an advanced degree behind you, you may be a better advocate for the teachers you work with.

What could you accomplish with an educational specialist degree? Get the answer to this question by contacting Maine EdS programs below.

Getting Your Educational Specialist in Maine

Educational specialist programs are offered at colleges and universities throughout Maine. If you work full-time as a classroom teacher, it’s important to find a program that can fit your schedule. This should not be too difficult, since many programs primarily enroll working teachers. Depending on your learning style and the specifics of your schedule, you may look into weekend programs, evening programs, or online programs. Be sure to contact multiple schools to get a clear view of all of your choices.

As you start comparing EdS programs Maine options, consider the specialties available at each school. No matter how well a school fits your learning needs, it probably is not the right school for you if it does not have the specialty you need.

To get a feel for Maine colleges and universities, look into some of the Ed.S options available below:

  • Educational Data
  • Literacy Education
  • Special Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instruction and Assessment
  • Educational Leadership

Clearly, there are enough choices available for you to select a program that fits your experience and knowledge. To further understand each of your options, take a look at their curricula. Understanding the learning outcomes, areas of competency, and assessments used in each specialty may clarify your decision.

In the field of educational leadership, it is common to find courses like:

  • Staff Development for School Leaders
  • Organizational Behavior in Education
  • Dynamics of Change in Schools
  • Leadership in Curriculum Design
  • School Personnel Management
  • School Finance

Other areas of study may expand your current skills in the classroom. If you study
instructional technology, you may take classes similar to those listed here:

  • Instructional Design and Project Management
  • Digital Age Teaching and Learning Methods
  • Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology
  • Essentials for Educational Technology

Another factor in your school choice is your practical experience. Some programs are short enough that they only require one semester of classroom work or internship experience. Others, particularly school psychology, school counseling, special education, and educational leadership, are a bit more demanding. You may need to work closely with the principal at your current school to ensure that you can meet these requirements. You may have to produce a capstone project or a research paper to demonstrate your grasp of important concepts and your ability to apply them in a classroom setting.

With everything you learn in this degree, ask yourself: how can I use this information to be a better teacher? Every theory, technique, or skill you learn should benefit your students, your confidence and professional growth, your school district, or the field of teaching as a whole. The more you get from your degree, the more you can use it to positively influence students’ learning and encourage ongoing improvement in education.

Working With an Education Specialist Degree in Maine

By the time you graduate, you should already know whether or not you need a new license to work in your chosen educational setting. Typically, you do need a new license to become a special education teacher, work with a different age group, take on an administrative role, or change classroom functions.

Licensing is regulated by the Maine Department of Education.
Depending on the career path you select, you may find that your degree has a positive impact on your job outlook.

The list below includes some career options, expected job growth through 2022, and average salary information:

  • School administrator: stable growth; $79,560 average salary (BLS, 2015)
  • Instructional coordinator: 4% growth; $51,000 average salary (O*Net, 2016)
  • Secondary school teacher: stable growth; $49,400 average salary (O*Net, 2016)

Advancing your education comes with responsibilities. Not only are you expected to use your training to benefit your students, you should use it to improve the field of teaching in general. Consider becoming a more vocal leader in Maine education by joining groups like the Maine Education Association and the Maine Teachers Association.

This degree is a great opportunity to take the next step in your education and pursue lifelong learning opportunities. Get more information on your options now by contacting Ed.S programs below.

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