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Education Specialist Degrees in Kentucky

What made you decide to become a teacher? Perhaps it was a natural choice because you work well with kids, have more patience than everyone you know combined, and you love learning. No matter what drew you into this field, you have the opportunity to continue growing and using your career to meet the evolving needs of students.

An Ed.S degree is the next step after a Master’s degree. With this degree, you develop specific skills and areas of knowledge that are applicable to your area of teaching. You can even use this degree to move from teaching into leadership, administration, curriculum development, or school counseling.

Role of Educators With an Ed.S Degree in Kentucky

As a teacher, you have your finger on the pulse of Kentucky education. You know what this community needs. Find out how your experience and education can help you take the next step by contacting education specialist programs.

In many ways, Kentucky teachers have succeeded in meeting the goals that are set out by the state education department. For several years, the state of Kentucky has remained steady with regard to the number of high school graduates attending community college or four-year institutions (WFPL, 2016). With the advanced understanding you get from an education specialist program, you can develop tactics and strategies to address specific goals like this one.

Different funding opportunities around Kentucky have increased the need for teaching specialists. The McCracken School District in West Kentucky recently secured a $1.1 million grant that may allow them to develop before and after school programs (West Kentucky Star, 2016). Your knowledge of child development, student learning needs, and educational research can help these programs thrive.

Are you ready to learn more about how an EdS degree can improve your school district and your teaching career? Request information from the schools listed below to get started.

Getting Your Educational Specialist in Kentucky

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, teaching programs are fairly broad. Even at the graduate level, you focus on a range of grade levels or an academic topic for two or more years, giving you plenty of time to delve into theory, adjacent topics, and research. On the flipside, an education specialist degree is extremely fast-paced and focused. You devote 30 to 40 credits to extensively studying your area of teaching, only taking courses that are directly applicable to your career.

Because of this, picking the perfect specialty is essential. The specialty you choose heavily influences your future career options, your classroom growth, and your overall success in teaching.

Listed below are some of the Ed.S options you can find at Kentucky colleges and universities:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Teaching and Leading
  • Secondary Education
  • Educational Administration
  • School Counseling

Each of these specialties has its own curriculum, learning goals, and program outcomes. Take your time at this step of the process to compare your options and find a school that really fits your previous experience, your previous education, and your future goals. As an example, a program in educational administration may include the following courses:

  • Education Leader as Educational Leader
  • Data Informed Decision Making
  • Building Teacher Capacity
  • School Improvement Plans

If you select a specialty that hones in on an age range or subject area, your curriculum may be significantly different. Secondary education programs may require courses like:

  • Secondary Education
  • Management of the Learning Environment
  • Educational Statistics
  • Disciplinary Needs in Secondary Education

Not only does your specialty selection determine the courses you take, it determines how much practical experience you get. If you go into educational leadership or administration, you may need to complete a principalship in addition to an internship, practicum rotations, and a research project. If you go into secondary education, you may complete two or more classroom rotations at schools in your area.

If you already work as a teacher, you may be wondering how this fits into your current schedule. Look into online edu specialist degree Kentucky options. These programs are suited to working teachers, as they do not require in-person class attendance.

Furthermore, you may find that education specialist programs allow you to complete your courses on a part-time basis, giving you some more flexibility in your schedule.
You may see your education begin to work before you even graduate. An EdS degree can change how you relate to students, how you communicate with administrators, and how you collaborate with parents to reach student goals. Results may include a more confident teacher, more involved parents, more engaged students, and a more efficient education system.

Working With an Education Specialist Degree in Kentucky

How you use your new degree is up to you. You may stay in your classroom teaching role, working as hard as you can to reach students, help them excel, and empower them to overcome challenges. You may go into school leadership or administration, become a school counselor, or explore the world of special education. If your new role requires you to gain additional certifications, you can take the next step through the Kentucky Department of Education.

This degree may have a positive impact on your earning potential and job outlook. Explore potential career paths below

  • School administrator: 7% expected growth; $83,950 average salary (BLS, 2016)
  • Instructional coordinator: 15% expected growth; $60,690
    average salary (BLS, 2016)
  • Elementary teacher: 14% expected growth; $52,420
    average salary (BLS, 2016)

As an education specialist, you are expected to step into a more prominent leadership position in your local teaching community. You should be willing to use your expertise to guide new teachers and shape the future of teaching in Kentucky. Consider joining local groups like the Kentucky Education Association and the Kentucky Reading Association to start building a presence in your education community.

In coming years, the needs of the education system may continue to change drastically. You should be ready to meet them head-on. Find out how you can take the next step in your career by contacting education specialist programs today.

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