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Early Childhood Education Degrees in Utah

How can you improve the lives of Utah residents, spend your days doing work that you love, and brighten the future for younger generations? The answer, of course, is by becoming a teacher.

In Utah, as in many other states, the need for skilled and dedicated teachers is the highest it has been in many years. In particular, many school districts need educators who have the patience to work with young children.

This could be the right time for you to become an early childhood educator.

Becoming an Early Childhood Teacher in Utah

With some hard work and passion, you could be the teacher that completely changes a child’s future.

If you’re ready to take on this responsibility and improve Utah education, reach out to early childhood education schools now.

Throughout the United States, various groups and organizations have advocated for the advancement of early childhood education. By getting involved with these groups early on in your education, you may become an active part of the early childhood teaching community.

As you prepare to start your degree, consider joining the Utah Association for the Education of Young Children and attending events, shadowing other teachers, and building professional relationships. Becoming a part of the local teaching community may assist you in finding student teaching placements and getting feedback.

For those who want to specialize in early childhood education, Utah has many schools that can help.

Browse the list of teaching programs below and request information.

Getting Your Early Childhood Education Degree in Utah

A Bachelor’s degree is the obvious choice for most teaching students. To become licensed via an alternative certification program or a graduate program, you must already have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school.

With an undergraduate degree, you can apply for licensure and teach independently in Utah classrooms. Most schools require that you attend in-person classes, but some permit you to get your early childhood education degree online.

Regardless of whether you attend a traditional program or an online program, you need to meet the same core set of learning goals and standards. You may become a competent teacher by taking teaching courses in a variety of specialized areas of study.

Early Childhood Teacher Required Courses

  • Computer Technology in Education
  • Young Diverse Learners
  • Child Development Birth to Eight Years
  • Child Guidance
  • Early Childhood Curriculum
  • Literacy and Literature for Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Assessment

Each semester, you may get experience in a local classroom. The grade levels you teach may depend upon where you live and what placements are available. Your license permits you to teach infants through third grade, so your experiences may span a wide range of ages.

Each year, set aside time to apply for teaching scholarships. One popular option is the Utah T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Scholarship. It is awarded to early education students who have high grades and financial need. It covers a set amount of tuition, living expenses, and book fees.

The accredited school you choose must meet the standards of the Utah State Board of Education. This agency verifies your teaching hours and your licensing exam scores. With your initial license, you can teach in any Utah preschool, public elementary school, or private elementary school.

Discover which programs can put you on the path to an early childhood education degree.

Compare schools below and contact local programs to learn more.

Working as an Early Childhood Educator in Utah

Job growth rates in Utah are among the highest in the country. Since it is particularly difficult for Utah school districts to hire and retain teachers, you may qualify for loan repayment programs or sign-on bonuses when you work in this state.

According to O*Net, job openings for preschool teachers may increase 30% through 2024 (2016). By 2024, job openings for elementary school teachers may see a 21% boost (O*Net, 2016).

Salaries in Utah are consistent with those reported in neighboring states. While preschool teachers report an average salary of $25,450 per year, elementary school teachers bring in a mean income of $53,730 annually (BLS, 2016).

Part of succeeding as a teacher is never becoming complacent in your education. It’s essential to keep networking and keep attending events whenever possible. The Utah Early Childhood Conference is a major annual event for licensed early educators.

Explore local schools to uncover degree programs that fit your goals.

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