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Early Childhood Education Degrees in Oregon

If you’ve always wanted to be a teacher, you know that this career path is a calling that makes full use of your talents, your time management skills, and your dedication to children in your community. Choosing the right teaching license is a key part to doing as much as you can in this field.

If you have a knack for working with toddlers and preschoolers, an early education license could be a good fit for you.

Becoming an Early Childhood Teacher in Oregon

How can you become a licensed teacher and develop the skills you need to rock each day in the classroom?

Find out how by contacting early childhood education schools on our list below.

Upon deciding to become a teacher in Oregon, you enter the state’s teaching community as well as the nationwide teaching community that covers federal standards and guidelines. Both are extremely important in your daily work, since they ensure that children get a well-rounded education.

Learning from local educators is a reliable way to maximize your teaching skills and make sure you are hitting your goals in the classroom. Consider becoming active in the Oregon Early Learning Division, which encompasses licensing standards, continuing education opportunities, and teaching research.

Earning your early childhood education degree is the first step to a rewarding teaching career that makes you excited to head to work each day.

Reach out to Oregon schools for more information.

Getting Your Early Childhood Education Degree in Oregon

Although all teaching programs in Oregon meet the same rigorous standards, there are significant differences in teaching methods, scheduling options, and classroom experience opportunities.

If you plan on earning a Bachelor’s degree in early education, you may spend four years at the same institution. It’s essential to choose a school that can meet your needs for all four years and help you explore your potential as a teaching professional.

At accredited Oregon schools, you complete a curriculum of general academic courses before applying for acceptance to the teaching program. This typically involves earning between 30 and 45 credits, writing an essay on your interest in teaching, and passing the preliminary Praxis exam.

From that point on, you dedicate your education to teaching courses. Some cover the field of education as a whole, while others are unique to the needs of early learners. These courses may allow you to start earning your early childhood education degree online, since they don’t require in-person practice or training.

Early Childhood Teacher Courses

  • Fostering Learning in Early Childhood Development
  • Infant and Child Development
  • Family, School, and Community Collaboration
  • Observing and Guiding Behavior
  • Creative Activities
  • Children’s Literature
  • Child Nutrition, Health, and Safety

Although you get to spend four years at your college or university, don’t get too comfortable there. In fact, as a teaching student, you spend quite a bit of your time at local schools. This puts your teaching education to work and shows you what you need to do to become a skilled, competent teacher. The most significant of these experiences is student teaching, which lasts for an entire semester.

The hard work you put into your education is designed to help you fly through the licensing process. You apply to take your licensing exams through the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

Once you pass your exams, you can become licensed and begin working in a local preschool, daycare, kindergarten program, or elementary school. Your license should permit you to teach children from birth through eight years.

Working as an Early Childhood Educator in Oregon

Job growth rates in Oregon exceed the rates reported in many other states, indicating that this may be an excellent place to get established in your new teaching career. By 2024, job openings for preschool teachers are expected to increase 15% (O*Net, 2016). During this time frame, you may also see job openings for elementary school teachers increase 9% (O*Net, 2016).

After studying early childhood education, Oregon graduates may earn a wide range of salaries. The average income for a preschool teacher is $30,590 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). Oregon elementary school teachers bring in an average salary of $58,030 annually (BLS, 2016).

As you become comfortable in your new role, you may want to learn how to make the most of your teaching role. Get connected to peers and more experienced teachers by joining the Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children.

There’s no better time than right now to start preparing for the career you’ve always wanted.

Use the list of schools below to contact programs near you.

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