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Early Childhood Education Degrees in New Mexico

One of the most reliable ways to improve society’s infrastructure is to invest in education. Specifically, it’s important to invest in early education, which is what states like New Mexico have been doing over the last decade.

The benefits of early childhood education are multifold, ranging from an individual’s performance in school and in the workforce to a community’s contributions to society. Providing children with access to standardized schooling environments early in life is key to strengthening the educational system as a whole.

Becoming an Early Childhood Teacher in New Mexico

Teaching is a calling more than it is a vocation. If you have the passion and dedication needed to truly make a change in the world of education, this may be your call.

Learn how to become an early childhood teacher by contacting local schools below.

There are several ways to work in this specialty and help children of varying ages. With an Associate’s degree or certificate, you may work as an assistant in a daycare or preschool setting. With more advanced training, you may teach up through third grade.

Luckily, educators in New Mexico are part of a unified community that works toward clearly laid out goals. Early Learning New Mexico focuses on access to schooling, quality of education, and parent collaboration. This group advocates for teachers in state and federal legislation.

Throughout New Mexico, colleges and universities prepare students for the demands of a teaching career.

Explore early childhood education programs below.

Getting Your Early Childhood Education Degree in New Mexico

Before you can start getting experience in local schools and classrooms, you have to find a college or university that fits your needs. With an Associate’s degree in early education, you may take on an assistant position in a daycare.

However, if you want the freedom to teach independently and be the head teacher in your classroom, you need a four-year Bachelor’s degree. This degree generally requires eight semesters of education, during which time you earn at least 120 credits.

Early Childhood Education New Mexico Coursework

  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • Child Growth, Development, and Learning
  • Introduction to Reading
  • Family and Community Collaboration
  • Integrating Technology with Teaching
  • Curriculum Development and Implementation
  • Assessment of Young Children
  • Research in Childhood Growth, Development, and Learning

Some of your courses focus on childhood development and educational psychology, while others go straight to the teaching techniques used in different classroom settings.

For example, you may learn how to teach mathematics to young children or explore basic concepts of literacy. While studying early childhood education, New Mexico students may delve into the learning needs of exceptional students and those with special needs.

You may spend a lot of time in local classrooms while earning your degree. In early semesters, requirements are often fairly low, ranging from 50 to 200 hours in the classroom each semester. In your final semester, you spend up to 40 weeks in the classroom per week while working as a student teacher.

After getting your degree, you may apply to become a licensed teacher through the New Mexico Public Education Department. To become licensed, you must pass Academic Skills Subtests I, II, and III. You must also pass the Teacher Competency in Early Childhood Exam.

This is a great time to start working toward an early childhood education degree.

Find out how to get started by contacting New Mexico schools today.

Working as an Early Childhood Educator in New Mexico

The early years of a teaching career are full of learning and growth. You want to learn from other teachers in your school, district, and state. You can learn how to save time, reach students more effectively, and teach difficult concepts. One major resource in this state is the New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children. Consider joining as a new teacher.

The future looks bright in the teaching field. By 2024, O*Net hopes to see a 23% increase in job openings for preschool teachers in New Mexico (2016).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, preschool teachers earn an average of $31,030 per year (2016). Statewide need for elementary teachers may swell 8% by 2024 (O*Net, 2016). Their average annual salary is $58,410 (BLS, 2016).

You can start working toward an exciting new teaching career now.

Browse New Mexico teaching programs below and request information from schools that interest you.

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