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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Wyoming

Wyoming is a vast western state with a small population, but the lives of its residents are anything but small. Teaching in this rural state offers the potential for a healthy income, and students who choose to continue their education in a doctorate program in Wyoming, likewise will have access to a well-funded and active school system.

Earning Doctorate Degree in Education in Wyoming

Teachers who have chosen to study for an Ed.D often plan to pursue teaching positions at the university level, or are interested in high-level administrative positions within the school system, such as principal or superintendent. Obtaining a doctorate degree in education requires students to take courses that move beyond the essential and classic concepts of teaching into theory and advanced problem-solving. As such, a doctoral candidate in Wyoming might expect to see the following courses:

  • Education Leader as Change Agent
  • Curriculum Development
  • Diversity in Education
  • Higher Education Finance
  • Assessment, Accountability and Student Learning

In addition to advanced coursework in education, candidates for a doctorate degree in education must also prepare for and offer a dissertation. The submission of a dissertation requires sophisticated research practices and must explore a unique topic.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Wyoming

Upon successful completion of an Ed.D program, students may work in the K-12 school system, or branch out and enter corporate America, work for specialized education institutes, or qualify for government jobs at the state or federal level in Wyoming. According to an article from the Pew Charitable Trust, Wyoming has seen a dramatic increase in interest in its teaching positions—and for good reason. Wyoming is in the top tier of states for average teacher salary. Couple that with low cost of living, and teachers in Wyoming can lead a fairly comfortable life. According to information compiled by the Census Bureau, the state of Wyoming also spends more on education per pupil than most states in the nation, which means that teachers fare quite well with the resources they need to ensure Wyoming students receive an exceptional education.

Jobs at the state government and within the private sector tend to pay the most, and jobs at the university level often require an applicant has work experience and a minimum of a master’s degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the mean wage for administrators working within postsecondary education was $102,170 as of May 2012.

Benefits of an Ed.D in Wyoming

Earning an Ed.D in Wyoming offers educators the potential for a significant boost in salary, and also opens the door to work in a diverse assortment of businesses. Whether you choose to stay within the K-12 system or move into postsecondary education and administration, there are many opportunities to become a leader and designer of Wyoming education.

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