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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Virginia

The Doctorate of Education or Ed.D is attained through rigorous training in advanced research and learning theories that allow graduates to achieve organizational skills, policy creation and as an agent of change in leadership. Scholarly practitioners contribute to educational strategies and publish research studies that shape the future of education.

An Ed.D in Virginia is a highly respected and valued degree that shows you are a dedicated intellectual with a passion for teaching on all levels of education. EducationDegree.com can help you decide which EdD is best for your career trajectory. Use our comprehensive resources to contact schools about their doctorate in education programs and make the right choice.

Earning Your Ed.D in Virginia

Your area of expertise is the focus of your curriculum in a well-designed program. You may choose another direction or fortify your existing teaching certification. Depending on your certification or area of mastery, you may choose from many specialties in education such as:

  • General Education
  • International Education
  • Administration, Organization and Policy
  • Educational Leadership

You may design your curriculum through carefully planned courses that identify your interests and focus. Your program can include a dissertation or educational project. Core courses in your curriculum may include subjects such as:

  • Quantitative Analysis of Policy
  • Human Growth and Development in Education
  • Educational Research and Leadership

Outlook for Graduates in Virginia

Doctoral prepared teachers who work in elementary and secondary schools may experience a higher level of autonomy for their classrooms and receive an increase in salary. Administrative bound teachers who desire a position as principal in a public school can expect an average salary of $91,034 as reported by the Virginia Department of Education.

As a university professor, you may be employed in a wide variety of academic disciplines at four year colleges and universities. Professors deliver education through lectures, class assignments and the design of curriculum and programs. Directors of student services that are in charge of student admissions, counseling and career services can experience an excellent position as an Ed.D graduate.

Community colleges are also in need of excellent educators in Virginia. A majority of students are educated in local colleges and require the attention and resources needed to create a high level of educational resources. Jill Biden teaches in Northern Virginia Community College and discusses her dedication to her doctorate studies, her teaching philosophy and the needs of her students in an article presented by Newsweek.

Graduates may also enter the nontraditional private sector of education. Corporations offer lucrative and extraordinary opportunities for talented teachers with advance degrees. Companies such as Zantech IT Services, Innotion Enterprises and Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions provide rewarding positions for educators who organize teaching programs, design curriculum and evaluate strategies for educating employees and clients.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

An Ed.D is an excellent endeavor that defines your commitment to academic success and a dedication to teaching on a societal level. A doctoral prepared teacher is prepared to venture passed the classroom and become a visionary on a larger scale. As a sophisticated teacher and intellectual, your doctorate can create opportunities, self-confidence and the resources to change the field of education on a global or societal level.

Take some time to review our listings of schools that offer doctorate in education programs for students in Virginia. Remember, it’s best to contact multiple schools to compare the learning outcomes and benefits they offer for students and graduates.

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