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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Tennessee

The Doctorate of Education or Ed.D is designed for educators who desire the advanced organizational skills and exceptional knowledge of educational research to expand their leadership in education. Scholarly leaders are the visionaries of policy making, the educators that motivate other teachers and the intellectuals who are skilled in the management of complex educational systems.

The Doctorate of Education or an Ed.D provides the resources that shape the future of education. As an educational practitioner, you can define and address the goals and challenges of transformational education on a societal level. With EducationDegree.com, you can easily view listings of the doctorate in education programs that help Tennessee students advance in the field of education. Read more about earning your EdD, and use our comprehensive directory to contact accredited universities that can help you qualify for top positions in education!

Earning Your Ed.D in Tennessee

Your mastery of your area of expertise begins with a well-crafted curriculum. The focus of your degree will define your specialty and area of mastery. Numerous subjects are available for your concentrated area of an Ed.D such as:

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Global Training and Development
  • Educational Leadership
  • Special Education

A focus on your concentration will define your core courses in a carefully planned curriculum that addresses your interests and academic goals. Whether you choose a program with a dissertation or an educational project, you may include some courses in your program such as:

  • Social Analysis of Educational Policy
  • Philosophy of Education: Ideology and Methods
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy in Teacher Education

Outlook for Graduates in Tennessee

Tennessee is a state that is dedicated to education, business growth and health care. Voted by Forbes Magazine as the 10th best place to live for careers, the communities of Tennessee enjoy a low cost of living and 30 percent of students that attain college. With a supportive environment for educators, your Ed.D is a valuable resource that is respected and valued by supportive educators and professionals.

As a graduate scholar, you can contribute to an array of opportunities and lucrative positions on any educational level. Doctoral graduates may aspire to improve their public schools and contribute education reform to primary and secondary classes and students. Principals in Tennessee are also needed in a wide variety of counties and can expect an average salary of $84,510 per year as is reported by CareerOneStop.

Scholarly professors are also in demand for higher education colleges and universities. As a professor in education, you may provide lectures, design class curriculum and publish research in journals and clinical studies. Student services are an excellent position for a visionary that can advise students on their future career goals, support them with curriculum counseling and provide insight into the direction of their aspirations.

Educational scholars also have transferable skills that are desired by corporations and private companies. Tennessee has a wealth of companies that require educators for curriculum construction, program design and educational policy compliance. Companies such as Strategic Consulting Solutions, AT&T and Vaco Corporation need teachers with advanced skills to manage educational programs for their employees.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

For those who possess the knowledge, insight and intuition of a doctoral prepared educator, numerous opportunities and rewards are available in public, private and non-profit sectors of employment. Modern education continues to experience the challenges that can only be solved by advanced practitioners in education. With sophisticated educational preparation and knowledge, you can contribute to solving the complex problems that education reform is experiencing.

If you’re ready to step up and make a bigger impact in the field of education, contact our featured schools to learn more about their programs!

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