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Doctorate in Education Degrees in South Carolina

The Doctorate in Education or Ed.D program prepares the future scholarly practitioners in the transformational process of education. Through the use of advanced research and learning theories, teachers in South Carolina reform policies, address concerns and achieve superior educational programs. For those who have aspired to the highest achievement of resilience in education with an Ed.D, limitless opportunities are possible in all areas of public and private, non-profits and corporate sectors of educational need.

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Earning Your Ed.D in South Carolina

Graduates of an Ed.D program leave the confines of the classroom and become the scholarly practitioners of education overall. Selecting your area of instruction or advancing your certification area may be accomplished in the following areas:

  • Educational Leadership and Organization
  • General Education
  • Special Education
  • Higher Educational Management

Your core curriculum may define your area of expertise and be carefully designed for your personal achievements and interests. Core courses may be in some of the following areas:

  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Early Childhood Learning Theories
  • Current Trends of Educational Reform

Career Outlook for Graduates in South Carolina

A Doctorate in Education is designed for graduates who pursue leadership positions in public and private areas of schools, colleges and school districts. South Carolina requires education leaders to take positions as school superintendents that oversee a regional school system.

Education leaders are also needed in universities and colleges across the state. Professors and assistant professors are the backbone of higher learning and continue to make contributions that define their field. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education in 2012, the median salary for doctoral prepared professors in South Carolina universities was $116,900 per year.

As an instructor in higher learning, your doctorate will also translate well to non-profits and governmental agencies that require programs and departments of education. An Ed.D provides the talent and skills to build educational departments as directors and consultants from the ground up. Extraordinary communication skills transfer to private areas in both senior and entry level positions. State and federal agencies such as the Office of Administration in South Carolina, public outreach centers and public safety are all in need of organizational strategies that define superior programs.

Corporate sectors require educators with advanced teaching skills that design programs, create policies and oversee program directives. Companies such as Sprint, Southwest Airlines and Rock Hill Financial planners offer lucrative packages to exceptional educators that design programs for their employees and clients.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

The rewards and challenges of achieving an Ed.D are multifaceted and extraordinary. Your goal to influence education with positive societal impact is an endeavor that reveals your passion and dedication to higher learning and education. To learn more about the benefits of earning your EdD, contact our featured programs to learn more. We make it simple to connect with multiple schools and make the right decision.

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