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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Ohio

Today’s Ohio educational organizations need of great leaders. With your Doctorate of Education or Ed.D, you can achieve the skills to greatly transform the educational system and address the areas of need. Organizational leadership and advanced learning strategies prepare the doctoral student in Ohio to influence education reform in a variety of settings and areas of instruction.

Ohio offers new scholarly practitioners numerous and lucrative opportunities for public schools, businesses and not-for-profits. The achievement of the highest degree in education is an example of dedication to change on a national level. We can help connect you with hundreds of schools that can help you move ahead in your career. Take some time to read more about earning your doctorate in education in Ohio, and use our listings to choose the right program for your future!

Earning Your Ed.D in Ohio

Your pathway to an Ed.D is defined by your area of certification or subject of mastery. A carefully planned curriculum may complete your specific areas of interest and concentration. Examples of areas of instruction may be some of the following:

  • General Education
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Global Training and Development
  • Organizational Leadership: K-12 Development

Core courses are the defining elements of your overall curriculum. Advanced theory and educational research provide the framework for your supportive core concepts. Some of your core courses may include the following:

  • Organizational Leadership: Higher Education
  • Special Education: Assessment and Design
  • Curriculum and Instruction Specialties
  • Elementary Education Design and Evaluation

Career Outlook for Graduates in Ohio

Ohio needs educational leaders that are Ed.D prepared and motivated to lead educational innovation in public, private and not-for-profit areas of education. For example, going back several years, Northeast Ohio higher educators have been developing and implementing programs that help high school seniors to earn college credits. They want to make 12th grade more relevant and give seniors a better transition to college. Public schools are experiencing transformation in the wake of education reform and innovative ideas are welcomed to the table.

As reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, universities and colleges provide excellent salaries for professors in higher institutes of learning in Ohio. During the 2016-2017 academic year, lecturers typically earned $55,094 while full professors earned $105,015. Of course, some academics earn considerably more than the average.

Governmental and state agencies also require educational experts with knowledge and expertise. Veteran’s Affairs, the YMCA and children’s outreach centers require educators with exceptional critical thinking skills to lead public policies, educational research and the organization of curriculum.

Educational leadership is also needed in the private and non-traditional areas of teaching. Corporate institutions require those who are Ed.D prepared to design curriculum for large departments of employees who require training in various areas, policy making and the construction of teaching departments. Fortune 500 companies, Cincinnati Bell and Delta Air Elite require large scale educational programs and evaluations that are directed at employees and safety.

The Benefits of Earning an Ed.D

As an advocate and expert in higher education, you will be a creative force in the transformation of education in society. An Ed.D will prepare you as a scholar that can inspire others with the initiatives that you present in the fields of education, business and public policy. As a visionary, you can enjoy the independence as a practitioner in education and a secure future that allows you to enjoy a lucrative and exciting position in teaching.

Take the next step toward new opportunities in the field of education. Compare schools that offer doctorate in education programs that can help you accomplish your goals without putting your life on hold!

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