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Doctorate in Education Degrees in North Carolina

EducationDegree.com is a resource that can help North Carolina students choose the right doctorate in education (EdD) program. Our mission is to provide you will all the information you need to make the best decision regarding your degree. There are many exciting opportunities that EdD graduates can pursue. With our resources and school listings, you have an efficient way to compare the variety of programs available for North Carolina students. We recommend contacting multiple schools to make sure you find a program that will help you meet your goals.

The doctorate of education or Ed.D can prepare an educational practitioner with mastery in an area of specialization that aspires to the vision, complexity and level of professional sophistication that is required of leadership in teaching today. For those who have the resilience of principle to pursue their academic excellence and passion for education, the Ed.D can provide a rich and rewarding career in their area of expertise. Numerous opportunities in limitless areas of education are accessible to those in North Carolina who have acquired this extraordinary achievement.

Earning Your Ed.D in North Carolina

As your area of expertise, you can select from numerous Ed.D specialties. A carefully planned curriculum may reflect your certification or area of instruction. Your subject of interest or certification may include an area of the following:

  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Administration, Policy and the Law
  • Curriculum and Teaching

Advanced learning theories, educational research and organizational skills can prepare you for critical thinking skills that enable you to organize complex systems and impact societal change in education. Courses in your curriculum may include the following:

  • Approaches to Research in Caring Professions
  • Writing for Publication and Journals
  • Humanities and Qualitative Research
  • Investigating Youth Literature and Language

Outlook for Graduates in North Carolina

Teachers who are Ed.D prepared are afforded abundant opportunities in the North Carolina public school system. As an educational leader, you may choose to stay in the classroom or serve as a department director, principal or school counseling advocate. Current trends in education reform are challenging and demand educational scholars for guidance and initiatives.

Educators who obtain a doctorate may also rise to the position of superintendent. As part of an educator of teachers, a superintendent is charged with the organization of complex school systems and is involved with state politics. As the Charlotte Observer reported in 2013, the superintendent of North Carolina promotes exceptional teachers for their service to the community and their positive impact on teaching.

Higher education may be your passion and destination. Professors are needed in all areas of colleges and universities in North Carolina. Salaries for professors in higher education have been reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education far above the national median at approximately $180,200. Department directors, student counselors and administration positions are also in need of scholarly practitioners.

Nontraditional areas of education also afford advanced teachers numerous opportunities in the corporate or private sector. Companies require educational expertise for training their employees and clients. Educators who can write curriculum, design administrative departments and construct policy may find excellent opportunities in companies such as Alston and Bird, SAS Institute and Schweitzer Engineering Labs in North Carolina.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

Your dedication to the extraordinary achievement of the Ed.D can be personally and professionally rewarding in North Carolina. Educational leaders are needed in the midst of education reform and your contributions are valued and respected. Lucrative positions are accessible in numerous traditional and nontraditional areas of education for those who have the fortitude to obtain this rigorous and highly valued degree.

To learn more about earning your Ed.D, contact our featured schools below to learn more about their programs. We recommend inquiring about several programs to be sure you choose the right one!

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