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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Nevada

If you’re looking to further your career in education, earning a doctorate degree in education could be the next step for you. As an educational leader in Nevada, you will impact teaching on a broad scale that encompasses all levels of education, senior-level researchers and policy makers. At EducationDegree.com, we make it simple to find, contact and compare accredited Nevada universities offering doctorate in education programs. Simply explore the featured listings on this page, click on any schools you are interested in, and begin the journey! We recommend contacting multiple schools to better compare programs.

Earning Your Ed.D in Nevada

As an Ed.D candidate in Nevada, you will find a variety of programs with differing focuses to choose from. Areas of mastery offered by some Nevada universities include:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Higher Education
  • Learning and Technology
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Teacher Education

Core curriculum courses develop your concentration and integrate your area of instruction. Classes in your curriculum may include the following:

  • History of American Higher Education
  • Public Policy in Higher Education
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Cognitive Learning

Most Nevada doctorate in education programs require 69 to 72 credit hours beyond a master’s program, as well as completion of a dissertation.

Outlook for Graduates in Nevada

An Ed.D can open doors to opportunities in public and private education organizations. Educational leaders are needed to organize complex school systems, develop educational programs that address the current needs and deficits of students, and to provide the visionary scholastic future of public school teachers. Doctorate-prepared educators can also make valuable contributions to academic advisement, student counseling services and administrative roles in schools.

You could also seek a role as a professor at a university. Professors provide educational curriculum, design research for clinical studies, and give lectures to expand the educational practices of their own field of study. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Nevada professors enjoy salaries from $117,700 to 121,000 per school year.

A highly respected degree also translates well into the privatized, industrial or business sector of education. Corporations may require extensive educational programs for employee training, have need of compliant policy design, and necessitate the organization of complex educational departments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary education administrators in Nevada made an annual mean wage of $105,990 in 2012—higher than all of the surrounding states.

With an Ed.D, opportunities may be acquired in private learning institutions, large industrial companies or governmental businesses that require frequent employee training. Areas that require educational leadership, creativity and professionalism in Nevada include Southwest airlines and Fortune 500 Companies.

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