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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Nebraska

If you want to qualify for the top positions in the field of education, consider the benefits of earning your doctorate of education. With your EdD, you can open doors to new opportunities in a variety of roles in the field of education.

With EducationDegree.com you can use our free comprehensive directory to explore degree programs for Nebraska students. Whether you want to learn online or on campus, we make it simple for you to connect with schools. Continue reading to learn more about earning your doctorate, and contact the schools that interest you to learn more about their programs.

Earning your Ed.D. in Nebraska

The Nebraska universities and colleges have several Ed.D. programs available by attending a university campus, and several have flexible hours, allowing a student to continue working. There are several excellent online programs. In addition, there are Ed.D. programs that incorporate international educational opportunities.

A typical program for an Ed.D. is Leadership, with the focus on Transformative Leadership. Transformation leaders encourage creativity by exploring new learning opportunities, and they offer encouragement and support to students by keeping the lines of communication open, so ideas can be shared. These leaders clearly articulate their vision, and they serve as role models. The result at this university in Nebraska is a group that trusts the leader and works together to formulate new ways of doing things.

Each Ed.D. program is slightly different, so it is good to do a comparison when considering which school to attend. Most programs require a core group of classes before completing the dissertation/capstone project. Core classes are similar whether you attend in person or study online. One college describes their program as one of “pursuing goals of education leadership careers, higher education positions, and/or superintendent endorsement”.

There is one university that is working in conjunction with the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate; therefore, the education department, which includes teaching, learning and teacher education, has developed a new Ed.D. cohort. Twenty motivated educations, who come from a variety of different backgrounds, will work with others in this project. Students will learn to analyze problems of educational practice. They will be able to make a meaningful difference in real-world situations.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Nebraska

There is a shortage of teachers across the United States, including Nebraska, which means there are available jobs in education. Currently the government reports Nebraska is in need of educators for math, science and special education, which is quite typical of most states. The average starting salary in NE is $30,086 according to the National Education Association.

After completing an Ed.D. in leadership, some of the most common available jobs are working at the university as post doctorates, which enhances experience in research and working in assistant professor roles. Private industry jobs are also available with industrial or major pharmaceutical companies.

Nebraska has positions available in educational administration and supervision. They currently employee 28,090 Educational Administrators and 219,100 Elementary and Secondary School Administrators. Educational Administrators manage everything from day care centers to universities and colleges. They are essentially responsible for providing instructional leadership, developing standards and policies, setting objectives for education and overseeing all the teachers and support staff. Obviously, they have a great deal of responsibility. The elementary and secondary school administrators, or principals, basically have similar duties and a great deal of responsibility.

Some of the average salaries in Nebraska include:

  • Dean of Academic Affairs – $82,000
  • Vice President of Instruction – $104,000
  • Dean of Education – $55,000
  • Vice President of Student Services – $100,000
  • Director of Research – $88,000
  • Education Administrators – range from $69,010 – $118,320

Jobs as faculty for mathematics, science, research and in administration are the most plentiful in Nebraska at this time. If you are ready to pursue new roles in education, contact our featured schools below to learn more about their programs. As a general rule, it’s best to contact multiple schools to make sure you choose the right one.

Take some time to review our listings of schools that offer doctorate in education programs in Nebraska. It’s best to contact multiple schools to compare the benefits each program offers for you.