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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Michigan

To reach the pinnacle of your career in education, consider earning your Doctorate in Education (EdD) from an accredited program for Michigan students. EducationDegree.com can help you find an EdD that can prepare you for new opportunities in your career. Use our comprehensive resources to contact accredited colleges and universities that offer graduate programs for Michigan students. We recommend comparing multiple programs to be sure you make the right decision.

The Doctorate of Education or Ed.D program is inspired by the current trends that are affecting the present and the future of education on a national scale. For scholarly practitioners who provide educational policy, organize complex school systems and are responsible for educating the teachers, an Ed.D provides the insight, intellectual tools and the knowledge to promote effective collaboration. An Ed.D provides aspiring educational leaders with the resources that transform the future of education. As an educational visionary, you may gain the professional sophistication necessary to resolve the extraordinary challenges that affect teaching today.

Earning Your Ed.D in Michigan

A doctorate defines your certification or area of instruction that identifies your expertise. The curriculum will focus on an overall process of the necessary skills required to inspire vision, a wide scope of practice and education leadership. Although there are many areas of concentration, you may select one of the following areas:

  • General Education Leadership
  • International Education and Development
  • Educational Leadership in Higher Education
  • Special Education

A thoughtfully designed curriculum may focus on your area of concentration. The selection of classes can provide educational practitioners with the knowledge of analytical, critical, and innovative strategies in their area of instruction. Classes may be in some of the following areas:

  • Race, Identity and Academic Achievement
  • Theory, Research and Praxis
  • Curriculum and Design Specialist
  • Educational Leadership in Elementary Education

Outlook for Graduates in Michigan

As a graduate of your doctoral program, you may choose to stay in the classroom and make highly valuable changes in elementary, secondary or special education. With strong resources in research and learning theories, your applications to the classroom will impact the educational communities in Michigan. Advanced degreed teachers are also needed in school counseling, academic advisement and distance learning technologies in virtual high school settings.

If your journey takes you to higher education, advanced educators are needed in Michigan for post-secondary areas of Teaching. Professors publish research, deliver lectures and design teaching programs for their students in universities and colleges. According to Michigan Live news, salaries for professors are increasing and average about $83,000 to $148,700 per year.

In addition, the article states that compensation is expected to increase in Michigan schools and universities. In addition, Michigan State was reported by Michigan Live as the 6th best university to work for in the country. Educational scholars also work as department directors, academic advisors and specialists in financial aid and scholarship research for students.

With an Ed.D, you can also take advantage of nontraditional areas of employment in education. Companies such as Fortune 500, General Motors and Ford Motor requires advanced educators for the design and implementation of educational programs, policy construction for state compliance and other forms of research.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

Ed.D prepared educators possess the knowledge, insight and skill that affords them numerous opportunities in public, private and nontraditional areas of employment in Michigan. In a time of financial, governmental and reform, scholarly leaders are needed in all areas of educational institutions for thoughtful guidance and innovative ideas. As a graduate of an Ed.D program, you may experience the enormous self-satisfaction of completing an extraordinary accomplishment.

If you are ready to reach the top levels of success in the field of education, review our featured listings for programs that can help you accomplish your goal. Be sure to contact multiple programs to be sure you choose a program that fits with your goals in education.