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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Maryland

If you are dedicated to expanding your leadership knowledge and making a difference in the transformation of education, the Doctorate of Education or Ed.D provides the advanced skills and knowledge required to solve the complex issues that affect education in real-world applications. Education reform requires a high level of sophistication that needs an in-depth understanding of research, policy and finance. Your exceptional knowledge will enable you to manage highly intricate organizational systems, publish research in your field and provide the insight and resources to other teachers and students.

The Ed.D preparation can present lucrative and rewarding opportunities in education. If you want to reach the next level in your career consider earning your doctorate in education at one of the many accredited colleges or universities featured here. Make sure you contact multiple schools to compare the benefits of each program that interests you. That’s the best way to be confident that you made the right decision for your education.

Earning Your Ed.D in Maryland

Your program of study may be comprised of your personal design and selection of an area of mastery. Many specialties are available in Ed.D curriculum and you may define your interest and focus in specialties such as:

  • Organizational Leadership: Behavioral health
  • Curriculum and Design Specialist
  • Administration and Organizational Management
  • Educational Leadership: Higher Education

The curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs of your specialty or strengthen your area of certification. Courses that pertain to your personalized area in your Ed.D may include some of the following:

  • Urban Politics and Education Policy
  • Critical Pedagogy: Theory and Research
  • Theoretical Perspectives on Learning

Outlook for Graduates in Maryland

Numerous opportunities are offered to the Ed.D graduate by public, private and nontraditional areas of employment. Maryland continues to maintain the best public schools in the country. As reported in the Washington Post, the state has succeeded to produce the best school system for students and teachers for the 5th year in a row. Maryland supports teachers and values their dedication to education and provides incentives for advanced degrees.

For those who are interested in higher education, Maryland supports professors and their assistants with excellent resources and access to educational provisions. Professors that work in universities enjoy a salary that is far above the median of the country as is reported by the Chronicle of higher Education at approximately $142,300.

Educators may find lucrative positions and employment in the private areas of education. Private corporations such as PCI Strategic Management, Fortune 500 companies and Millennial Media are only a few of the opportunities that are available in the industrial areas of education. Advanced scholarly practitioners can also find excellent positions with Pearson Publishing, private life coaching and educational consulting.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

Scholarly practitioners are needed to address critical issues that affect all forms of education on a fundamental and in real-world situations. An Ed.D can provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge to resolve the problems of education reform, the failings of enacted legislation and improve the policy to regain the autonomy of institutes of learning. The challenges of education reform define complex problems that require a high level of sophistication and knowledge. Your Ed.D may provide you with the many rewards and challenges of contributing to education as an agent of change that impacts global communities.

Start moving ahead in the field of education with your EdD from one of the accredited college listed below. We make it simple for you to connect with schools. With EducationDegree.com you have a direct connection to the schools that can help you accomplish your goals!