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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Maine

As you move towards the objectives of the highest achievement in your field, the doctorate in education (Ed.D) can prepare you for the multifaceted knowledge and skills required of an education scholar. As an Ed.D-prepared practitioner, you can assume roles that require the management of departmental programs, administrative excellence and high levels in the academic world. Maine is highly supportive of its education leaders and provides a wealth of opportunities for academic excellence in its public, private and business areas of education.

Earning Your Ed.D in Maine

The Ed.D will help prepare you for the precise role of the educational leader or scholar. When selecting an Ed.D program, you will have many areas of focus available to you. Several disciplines of study offered in Maine include:

  • Educational Leadership (K-12)
  • Higher Education
  • Literacy Education
  • And more

Through the methodical construction of your curriculum, your program can prepare you for the rigorous objectives expected of an educational visionary. In addition to the rich experience of the humanities, philosophies and pedagogy learning theories, your curriculum may include the following:

  • The Impact of Global Communications on Learning
  • Organizational Studies in Legislation
  • Current Trends in Education Reform
  • Research Design in Higher Education
  • Effective Learning Strategies for Secondary Learners
  • Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

Outlook for Ed.D Graduates in Maine

With an Ed.D, you can serve as an administrator, academic counselor or classroom teacher, taking the lead in the transformation of learning that prepares students for higher educational performance. If your journey leads you to the halls of higher education, you may find an extraordinary opportunity to impact learning techniques, strategies and educational outcomes as a professor. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, professors in universities and colleges may expect a salary between $75,600 and $130,000 per 10-month school year.

Positions as superintendents of schools, districts and regional areas of Maine may also be open to Ed.D. graduates. As a superintendent, you may be responsible for fiscal planning and education advisement to the board of education.

Advanced educators may also decide to explore the positions offered by privatized educational institutions, corporations and areas of technology. Doctoral prepared teachers are needed by businesses that train employees, prepare curriculum and design complex programs. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, research facilities and Fortune 500 Companies offer lucrative incentives to obtain educators who are dedicated to academic excellence.

Outlook for education jobs in Maine is promising. According to the State Workforce Investment Board/Maine Jobs Council’s Annual Report to the Governor, the field of private education was one of few major industry sectors to see job gains in the past few years; also, education and health services together are expected to account for more than two-thirds of the net increase in jobs in the state in the future. More and more jobs in the state are also requiring postsecondary education. In Maine, the annual mean wage of postsecondary education administrators in 2012 was $79,220, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.