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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Kentucky

If you work in the field of education, you know the importance of earning your EdD in qualifying for top positions. With your doctorate, you can possess the skills to make a greater impact in your organization. At EducationDegree.com we strive to provide the information and resources you need to find the right doctorate in education program. Use our school listings below to contact colleges that help Kentucky students excel in the world of education.

Earning Your Ed.D. in Kentucky

Kentucky has several outstanding universities offering a doctorate of education degree (Ed.D.), as well as a wide variety of specialty study tracts. The Doctorate of Education Leadership program available through Northern Kentucky University is specifically designed to create transformational leaders to work in a variety of settings. The students are referred to as “learning associates,” and they have a wide range of professional backgrounds.

The Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Western Kentucky University is designed to connect theoretical concepts to the needs of current practitioners. The program promotes skills and knowledge in real-world practice settings, allowing the student to experience new applied behaviors. Doctoral students receive the opportunity to explore the range of career options; the program also provides the interdisciplinary research preparation, which is contextually focused on the real-world problems of education that is essential to our future global competitiveness.

The career choices include:

  • K-12 Administrative Leadership – to serve as public school district administrators
  • Teacher Leadership – for leadership roles related to various areas, such as assessment, technology, literacy and classroom teaching
  • Postsecondary Leadership – to serve in two year or four year institutions
  • Organizational Leadership – to serve in an education-related organization, not schools or colleges

Executive Ed.D. (ExecEdD) is a new program from the University of Kentucky offering an executive delivery model for the doctorate degree. This is one of several programs designed to help educational professionals earn their Ed.D. while continuing to work full-time.

Kentucky is also one of the states adopting the new nationwide initiative to change instruction for the students in Ed.D. programs. Ultimately the Ed.D. programs for research and leadership will each have a different focus. The leadership degree will benefit educators in administrative positions, and the research degree will have a more traditional approach, similar to the Ph.D.

These are just a sampling of some of the doctorate in education programs offered by Kentucky universities! Browse the featured schools below to discover the perfect program for you.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Kentucky

Kentucky doctorate in education programs are training students to lead and operate universities, colleges, government agencies, private corporations and professional associations. The Kentucky Department of Education employs researchers who produce a huge volume of data related to the state’s educational system. Public and private universities and colleges also hire a large number of Ed.D. individuals for research, as well as assistant and associate professors. Universities and colleges also have available jobs in administration and student affairs.

The public school system also offers administrative positions, such as the superintendents, principals and specialists in education. The mean income for high school principals in Kentucky is $92,965, for middle school principals it is $87,866, and for elementary school principals the mean salary is $82,414.

The average salaries for other public school positions are:

  • Dean of academic affairs: $95,000
  • Vice President of Student Services : $116,000
  • Vice President of Instruction: $120,000

Qualify for top-level positions in education by earning your Ed.D! Contact our featured schools below to find an accredited program that can help you accomplish your professional goals. Whether you want campus-based or online learning, we can help you move in the right direction!

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