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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Kansas

If your dedication and vision of teaching has inspired you to achieve a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D), Kansas offers exceptional programs that support your goals and objectives. A rigorous program of study provides you with the path to extraordinary opportunities in education.

An Ed.D program can prepare you for the consultative role that is expected of an educational leader. The current challenges in education require the sophistication of a visionary that has been trained in the management of complex departmental organization, is prepared in policy construction and achieves the highest standard of professionalism.

Earning Your Ed.D in Kansas

An attentively designed curriculum is vital to preparing a course plan that guides you through your area of expertise. Your certification area of instruction may define your goals, objectives and course electives. Numerous specialties are available to you and may include the following:

  • Education, Policy and Leadership
  • Educational Leadership in Secondary School
  • Curriculum and Design Specialist
  • Human Development and Education

Courses that define your area of interest or certification are imperative to define your goals in doctorate preparation. Classes that may progress your educational objectives include:

  • Advanced Educational Research and Learning Theories
  • Policy Construction, Educational law and Ethics
  • Cultural Diversity in Education
  • Leadership in Special Education

Outlook for Graduates in Kansas

If you elect to further your career in the classroom, private and public schools may benefit from your expertise. Leadership in education is needed to help define the new policies and procedures that prepare students for the global and national challenges of competitive job markets. Highly educated teachers are also needed in counseling, academic advisement positions and principal or administrative roles.

Ed.D prepared teachers often vie for school superintendent positions that require the ability to solve complex problems, organize departmental areas of education and have policy and compliance expertise. As a legislative and policy making body, the school board requires the consultative services of a highly knowledgeable educator. Kansas highly values their school superintendents with annual honors and appreciation. According to the Kansas City Star, deserving superintendents of the year are selected and provided with national recognition.

If your desire is to pursue a professorship in the area of higher education, you are well-prepared in research theories to provide colleges and universities with groundbreaking research and clinical studies that contribute to your field of expertise. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, university professors are salaried between $96,577 to 118,000 per school year.

In addition, graduates of an Ed.D program may venture into the industrial, privatized and the business realms of education. Companies and business entities may require you to provide educational programs for employees, the construction of policies and the organization of departments. Companies that require educators in Kansas may include Ford Motor Company, Navistar or Merck International.

As a graduate of an Ed.D program, you may also find lucrative positions in journalism at local or national news magazines with commentary on current challenges and triumphs in education. Your input and knowledge may increase awareness, promote attention and provide solutions to the issues for education in the 21st century.

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