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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Illinois

The doctorate of education or Ed.D can prepare teachers to learn strategies that manage and lead the next transformation of education reform. Mastery in administration can prepare teachers to manage financial, political and instructional aspects of managing a complex organization. Advanced scholars of education also conduct complex research and may improve the instructional and organizational process of education as it impacts a society.

As an educator in Illinois, the Ed.D represents the highest level of commitment to vision and extraordinary achievement. With EducationDegree.com you have the information and resources to choose the EdD program that can help you achieve your goals in education. If you want to reach the top levels in the field, use our comprehensive directory of doctorate in education programs to make the right choice for your future.

Earning Your Ed.D in Illinois

Your program of study is defined by your area of expertise and certification. Students develop theoretical frameworks and concepts that are critical to the transformational process of educational change and reform. Your area of mastery or certification may include an area of the following:

  • Elementary, Secondary or Primary Education
  • Concentration in Special Education
  • Concentration in Administration and Policy
  • Curriculum Design and Assessment Specialist

Students earning an Ed.D may examine the development of leadership theories through advanced educational research for effective program and curriculum design. Students may incorporate core courses that reflect their areas of certification such as:

  • Advanced Learning Theories in Special Education
  • Leadership Roles and Organization
  • History of Educational Reform

Outlook for Graduates in Illinois

Ed.D prepared educators are offered limitless opportunities in public, private and nontraditional areas of teaching. Higher education demands advanced scholars to organize and develop department directives in schools, universities and private companies. Illinois offers excellent compensation to doctoral graduates who live in a comfortable salary to cost of living ratio.

Superintendents in Illinois oversee the “big picture” of education and are charged with the responsibilities of directing, policy making and organizing regional educational systems. According to the Chicago Sun Times news, the top salary in this position in Illinois was $341,747 a year in 2010.

Post-secondary positions as department directors of student services are also in need of doctoral prepared educators to organize programs for financial aid, career services, academic advisement and admissions. Professors prepared with an Ed.D also work in universities and colleges and define their field of expertise via lectures, department directives and publish education research and journals that support effective teaching strategies.

The profession of teaching also translates well into the private sector and provides many lucrative areas of employment. Talented educators are needed in corporations to design curriculum, organize departments of instruction and create policies for state and federal compliance. Companies in Illinois such as Edison Learning, Pearson Publishing and Panasonic hire teachers for private educational areas of instruction to educate their employees and clients. An article in Forbes Magazine highlights an educator who shares his experiences as a teacher who had taken the private route to nontraditional employment in Chicago.

The Benefits of Achieving an Ed.D

Dedication to the highest available degree in education is rewarded with lucrative opportunities, self-confidence and rewards of challenges. If you have the passion for reaching societal issues on a grand scale in education and are prepared to make global changes to your field, an Ed.D will compensate your efforts with the respect and influence that you desire.

Take the next step toward the next level in your career by earning your doctorate in education. With EducationDegree.com you can easily contact schools that can help you understand what to expect while you learn.

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