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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Connecticut

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Connecticut has multiple outstanding universities and several have unique new programs that will essentially revamp some areas of our educational system. One university has a New Literacies Research Team with several ongoing projects. For example, one three year project is focusing on seventh graders in rural South Carolina and urban Connecticut. Their goal is to target students who are typically low-achieving readers and are at a higher risk of dropping out of school. They are developing a research-based adaption of reciprocal teaching, which supports these students by increasing their comprehension level for reading.

Two universities are involved in the Carnegie Project, which is developing a “doctorate of practice” for leaders in education. Authentic problems faced by school teachers are carefully examined through “case analysis, theoretical perspectives, and empirical inquiry.” The result is specific recommendations for each problem. More than 50 colleges across the country are involved in this project. According to U.S. News, the Carnegie Corporation is also working on increasing the number of qualified, top performing teachers.

Connecticut’s many colleges offer some excellent Ed.D. programs whether you attend college on campus or enroll in an online program. Many offer international study opportunities.

Some of the education doctorate choices include:

  • Administrator Preparation
  • Adult Learning
  • Educational Leadership
  • Executive Leadership
  • Higher Education and Student Affairs
  • Nursing Education
  • Instructional Leadership

Due to the shortage of nursing faculty for master degree programs, one university has collaborated with a nursing program to add Ed.D. prepared staff to their program.

There are only 13 Instructional Leadership programs in the country, and one is located at Western Connecticut State University. What is unique about this program is its dynamic curriculum. They prepare educators to create very innovative learning environments. This program is perfect for teachers, curriculum specialists, school psychologist, counselors and administrators.

Careers and Job Outlook

There are numerous jobs available in Connecticut universities for individuals with their Ed.D. For example, jobs currently available for graduates with a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership include Special Education, education leadership and research.

A PhD in Education may also point you in the direction of becoming a dean, assistant dean, director for international student services, student affairs, enrollment, or as a president of a university. Opportunities to work in research positions in universities are also common. There are several new jobs for doctoral trained individuals to work in nursing programs to train nurse educators due to the nurse educator shortage.

Since an individual with an Ed.D. takes a more technical and entrepreneurial approach to education, they often work in the area of research, theory and problem solving. Most graduates with an Ed.D. have already worked as a teacher in some capacity making it an easy transition into school administration or director positions. The perfect candidate for these positions is knowledgeable about the history of higher education, organizational theory, finance and leadership skills.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education administrators for elementary and secondary school annual salaries are $94,280 to $124,080, with a mean average of $116,200.

If you are ready to prepare for new opportunities in the field of education, review our school listings to find the right program for you!