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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Arizona

If you are a professional working in education in Arizona, you should consider the benefits of comparing doctoral degrees in education. Those who have a master’s level education already understand how a graduate level education can greatly enhance your career prospects and earning potential.

In practice, your PhD in education can help you make an impact at the highest levels of your academic institution or organization. With rapid innovation in the field of technology, and the growing importance in science, math and engineering type courses, academic institutions and schools rely on EdD graduates to lead organizational change. Adapting to the 21st century education landscape offers a world of exciting challenges for driven professionals who reach for their highest potential.

In the following sections, you can learn more about the path towards your PhD teaching degree in Arizona. At EducationDegree.com, we promote our relationships with colleges and universities that offer programs for students in your area.

To chart your course towards the top-tier of the education professional, contact several schools to be sure you choose the right fit for your goals. 

Earning your EdD in Arizona

Those who work as teachers, principals, superintendents, and other leadership positions, can expect to combine research and practice throughout the duration of their doctoral degrees in education program. At this level, many programs offer specializations for students with different professional goals.

With campus and online programs in Arizona you can choose from, you have multiple options. Whether you want to impact K-12 schools, design curriculum at the university level, or help shape public policy, there are doctorate degree programs in education that can help you reach those goals.

We mentioned education doctoral programs online because many busy professionals in the field take advantage of this increasingly popular route for learners. With online programs, students can structure their coursework around their work and family responsibilities. Your professors will have experience in the field as well; so you will be taught by people who not only help you advance your skills, but have empathy for your work/life/school balance.

Career Outlook for Graduates with a doctoral teaching degree in Arizona

Once you earn your EdD, you have several professional opportunities you can pursue. Graduates who want to work in these administrative, leadership, and policy-making roles can expect to make among the highest salaries in the field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), professionals who work as postsecondary education administrators can expect to earn a median wage of $88,580 per year. Those who pursue work in administrative roles typically help manage admissions, student activities, and other related areas. They are needed to work in all types of organizations, including colleges, universities, career colleges and trade schools.

Professors at the college level typically earn their EdD as well. This can help them teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. In these roles, professors tend to specialize in a particular subject. Many also have experience in fields outside of education that they pair with their skills leading in the classroom.

Benefits of earning an EdD

The bottom line is that earning an EdD in education can help you become the most effective educator in your professional role. Not only that, but help position you for the top roles and highest salary ranges. Your years of experience as an educator or professional can contribute to higher quality learning, higher graduation rates, and higher levels of confidence in students from all walks of life.

If you are ready to compare education doctoral degrees, we can help you take the next step forward. We have relationships with colleges in Arizona that can explain your options for programs, financial aid, and career opportunities that might interest you. Don’t wait to reach the highest levels in the field of education.

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